Historical Fiction “Beasts of a little land” Summary and Review

Hey friends, my name is Jesson and i love to write the book reviews blogs for this website. I started this blog website to share my reviews related to the books that i read in my free time and share some short storyline and review. Most of the blog are very general, not very much goes in to the deep of the book just share my general views related to the book.

Same case is here, “Beasts of a little land” is amazing historical fiction you should read it once if you are keen lover of historical fiction. Let continue the main part of the blog and that is book review. Okay let’s get started…

Short Summary of “Beasts of a little Land”:

One day I feel bored in the house, i was thinking what to do in my free time. Nothing is coming in my mind after some time a thought will come in my mind and that is just find any new book and starting reading it. Most of the time I took the book from my personal library but this time I want to read the new one.

For the new books only place on the web is goodreads.com. When i open goodreads.com i saw a post where best new released books that you should read in December. When i opened this post the first book in list is Beasts of a little land and i can’t scroll the post just click on it and buy it from kindle store and started my amazing journey to historic fiction world with my kindle device.

Here’s the story of the book goes on in the way of love and war. The storyline of the book is started at the time of korean independence movement from the jappaneese excursion. A young girl whose name is Jade is sold by her family to courteson schools. In this school a lot students are those who are sold by their families and those who are orphans. Jade has friends but a orphan student named Jungho became a good friend of her. After some years they started begging in the streets of Seoul city.

The boy Jungho is a patriotic and joined the revolution movement for Korean independence from the Japaneese occupation. The story of the book is surrounded by a lot historical warfare. Brutal character will be displayed such as violence by Japaneese soldiers, rapes and brutal killing that blow our mind and heart and shows the reality of the war.

This book truly revives the vibes of war what would be happen to normal people lives and how they struggle to live their life normally.

I finished this book in around 8-9 hours with a lot of breaks but i finished it in one go. Many cases I am not reading that much but this time no one knows how I am very stable and focused in the story of the book. Most of the time i can relate the story of the book with our lives what would we that something like happen with us and how we manage the things at critical point of time. Just like this I finished this book in a short period of time.

One thing my reader’s will note that I take a lot of shortcuts while this book because the story felt very slow so otherwise I can’t do this. (understand please)

Beasts of a little Land Short Review:

I give this book 4 stars because everthing in the book is perfectly balanced such as story type, story line. characters and social message etc.

Most of the reader’s I noticed on goodreads.com that they appreciate this book and recommend to everyone who want to read a new historical fiction novel.

Availability of this book:

As I mentioned above i buy the e-book version of this book Kindle, but if want to read hardcover then you can easily get this on Amazon.

Audiobook version might be available on Audible.com

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