Neel Patel’s Debut Novel Tell Me How to Be is a Worth Reader

Tell Me How To Be is the debut novel by Indian origin author Neel Patel and is set to be released in the month of December 2021. We received a giveaway copy of this book but we can’t take this book seriously and no one thinks to read it in his free time. Everyone is busy with their work and if anyone thinks about reading any book then prefer their favourite genre.

In our team, we have 4 members and all have different tastes some like fiction some like fantasy no one is interested in reading contemporary fiction.

One day I will be heading towards my home town and it’s a long journey from the city around 7 to 8 hours. At the time when I started the journey, I was thinking about reading the book at the time of the journey but did not understand which book will be good for the journey and makes the journey more mesmerising. I think it’s a coincidence because I became late towards the bus station and I have to pick anyone then suddenly this book is on the table and I took it and head towards the bus station.

Story of the Book:

As you know i picked this book in a hurry situation and had no intention to read this in my mind but when i feel bored in the bus journey I start finding this book and start reading. The first thought in my mind is that just roughly check out what is in the book suddenly when I started reading this book I could not stop reading. The story of the book is related to an Indian – American family and about family relationships. I am also Indian so I relate this story with myself what would happen and what would I do in this or that situation.

So I start reading this thoroughly not roughly. The story of the books continuously goes on some hick-up mock-up will be in the family but it definitely worth relating to real life.

In a short note, I will explain to you the storyline of the book how it gonna start, what is in the story and what will be my reaction when I finished this book after reading this 3 hours on the bus and 3 to 4 hours in the next day.

let’s continue with the storyline…

Renu is the name of the mother of two sons Akash and Bijal. Renu is forced to arrange marriage but she has love with another person. Renu and her husband and son’s lives in America. First thing you should notice that the family is Indian origin, okay.

Renu’s husband died so she lived with her son. Renu is still in the love the man that I mentioned above. Renu’s son Akash is gay and a musician he lives with his partner and her second son Bijal has many complications in his married life, The things will go on.

Renu’s thinks that she has to London to his love partner.

This is the shortcut story 336 pages of the book.

The most welcoming part of the book is the storyline is written in a full typical Indian style and lots of Hindi words will be used in the book. If you do not know about Indian culture then will not understand this book very much but if you will keen to absorb the cultural vibes then you should read this book in your totally free time when you have no worry about doing something else.

Rating section:

tell me how to be

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This book is easily available in different formats such as Pdf, ebook, audiobook and paperback versions on different Amazon sister sites.

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