Why you should read “No One is Talking About this” book right now

When this book was released in Feb 2021 then no one thinks that this book will show us a path of social media life what it would be and how it can affect our daily lifestyle. I shortlisted this book for my daily read but after reading this book I will realize that how this book genuinely reflects the fake lifestyle of many peoples on social media networks just to receive likes and blissful comments to stay in temporary hype. These things continuously take the pace and can not reverse back. All those people who spend most of their time on their respective social network platforms are mostly facing a lack of self-confidence as mentioned in the report.

Let’s take the path straight to review this book and analyse how this book represents the importance and drawbacks of these social networks in daily life.

Description of the book:

Book Name No One Is Talking About This
Author Patricia Lockwood
GenreContemporary Fiction, Humor
PrizesNYK Times The year 10 best book (2021), Booker prize Nominee (2021), Women prize for Fiction Nominee (2021)
Released date16 February 2021

“No One Is Talking About This” Short Summary:

As we mentioned above this book is totally on Social media and

I get what this novel was endeavouring to do and it is astute and every so often truly moving. It seems like two books in one. The first is a novel with respect to being Very Online and on the off chance that you’re not, I don’t realize that it will look at.

This is the unique Twitter novel we’ve commonly expected someone would make, and as someone who is intensely particularly online myself, I definitely felt this novel essentially. Being both in on the jokes and the point of the jokes, I assume any person who has whatsoever point halted to consider the possibility of online media and the bizarre mind exploration of Twitter (or in reality any electronic media) will get a ton from Lockwood’s contemplations. Lockwood jam the vernacular of the latest a few years and this book is pouring outdone with references to viral tweets and passing online media whimsies.

The book truly well impersonates a twitter divert in style, with staccato sentences and speedy fire insights dissipated on the page.

The aggregate mindfulness is what Lockwood attempts to dump. This all feels particularly penetrating as the book is set mid-Trump association (insinuated entertainingly as ‘the autocrat’ in the book) when online collaborations turned up the hotness even as we saw such a huge sum the direct everyone rejuvenated against was outlined and supported through electronic media.

Book represents a lot of shortcomings in our daily life with these social networks either it can be beneficial or detrimental.

Same thing as when we apply on our shelf we have to assume that we also fall into the trap of a superficial social world where everyone wants to be famous in any way no matter what happens to him just want to be famous oh.. it going on here.

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