Will They or Won’t They by Ava Wilder short summary and review

Lilah Hunter and Shane McCarthy are co-stars on the paranormal TV series “Intangible”; they are the sweetest romantic couple on screen. However, behind the scenes, they can’t stand each other. The banter between Lilah and Shane was entertaining and I smiled and laughed while reading. Both of them had insecurities, personal struggles, and real-life issues that they had to tackle. 

On-screen, they’re in love. Off-screen, they can’t stand each other. Two co-stars with a complex history reunite to film the final season of a beloved paranormal drama in this tension-filled will they won’t romance from the author of How to Fake It in Hollywood.

Lilah Hunter and Shane McCarthy are madly in love— at least, their characters are. As the stars of the hit paranormal TV show Intangible, they spent years pining for each other on-screen… until Lilah ditched the show at the end of season five in hopes of becoming a film star. With no such luck, she’s back to film the much-hyped ninth and final season, in which their characters will finally get together.

But coming back means facing one of the biggest reasons she left: Shane. Ever since their secret behind-the-scenes fling imploded at the end of the first season, they have despised each other.

Now back on set together for the first time in years, with the world’s eyes on them and their post-show careers on the line, they’ll have to grit their teeth and play nice. But under pressure to give Intangible’s fans the happy ending they’ve been waiting for Lilah and Shane are forced to get closer than ever. And if they’re not careful, they just might get blindsided by one final twist: a real-life happy ending of their own.

Short Summary of the Book:

The intense and angsty enemies-to-lovers journey of Lilah and Shane had an undeniable impact on me. Their chemistry was like a masterpiece, unmatched and unparalleled. From now on, I couldn’t help but measure every love story against the strength, heartache, seismic impact, and sheer brilliance of Lilah and Shane’s tale.

Their constant bickering had me pleading for them to set aside their differences and embrace their undeniable attraction. The tension between them was almost tangible, and whenever they were in close proximity, the air crackled with electricity, their chemistry too potent to ignore.

Lilah Hunter, a woman in her early thirties, found herself returning to the supernatural TV series “Intangible” after her previous film failed to meet expectations. She reluctantly took on the role she had abandoned during the show’s fifth season due to her inability to tolerate her co-star, Shane McCarthy. On-screen, they portrayed the epitome of a beloved couple, but off-screen, their mutual disdain was evident. They couldn’t stand each other, and the burning question remained: why? They had a short-lived affair after the first season, but it was merely physical, devoid of any emotional depth.

If it meant nothing to them, why did they spend the next four seasons continuously provoking each other until Lilah left without a backward glance?

Now, three years later, they were reunited for the final season of “Intangible,” tasked with delivering the long-awaited and anticipated happy ending, sealed with a passionate kiss.

How could they pretend to be in love when their mere presence in the same room was unbearable?

With the world’s eyes on them and their post-show careers hanging in the balance, they had no choice but to move beyond pretense. Perhaps honesty and confronting the buried issues from their past could unlock the truth.

Their whirlwind romance was marred by angst, jealousy, misunderstandings, and miscommunications. When they initially fell in love, they were young and ill-prepared for the demands of fame, the challenges of a relationship in the public eye, and the weight of committing to one another at such an early stage. However, time had granted them maturity, allowing them to view things from each other’s perspectives.

The ultimate question loomed: would they be granted a second chance at love or would they bid farewell to each other forever?

Book Review:

Oh my goodness! I am absolutely blown away by this book! “Will They or Won’t They” by Ava Wilder has captured my heart, and I can already tell that it won’t be my last read from this talented author. I was completely hooked from the very first page and completely obsessed with the story—I couldn’t put it down! I was so engrossed that I even got caught reading on my Kindle during my son’s graduation ceremony (oops!). But let me tell you, this book is worth every stolen moment of reading time.

It’s a captivating enemies-to-lovers tale, combined with a second chance celebrity romance, that is brimming with angst, tension, jealousy, and an electric chemistry that sets the pages on fire. The way the characters come to life and the emotions they evoke is simply incredible. Ava Wilder has masterfully woven a story that keeps you on the edge of your seat, eagerly turning each page to see what happens next. This book is an absolute gem and a must-read for any romance lover. I can’t recommend it enough!

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