How the Books helps you to achieve your Goals?

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Hello friends, let us introduce myself to you first, hey my name is Jesson and I love to read books most of my free time, not a specific genre it can be anyone. I am not one who has the self-curiosity to read books when I started reading books it’s just a coincidence that happened to me.

This is story of mine prior to 6 years when I went to college for engineering studies. First, I was full joyed that i took the admission to my favourite profession but later when the time continue goes on I thought this is not suitable for me. I am the one who does not want to do field related work just want to sit in the office and so whatever the work is.

I have many friends in the college one of them is a truly good novel reader. He explains the short summary of the Novels to me and I just discarded him please you can’t tell me these stories I am not a fan of these fantasy fictions and I want to enjoy my real life.

What Happen after this interaction with my friend:

After this confrontation with my best friend, he gives me the challenge to read one of the Novels and then feels what happens to you ( any change in my mind and thoughts).

I accept the challenge of my friend and he gave me the well-known Novel The Alchemist. I didn’t know about this Novel and how popular it is. He gave me a paperback copy of the book and tells me just read it and then you understand why you read books to understand yourself better.

After this, I took this book to my home and start reading. First I can’t read 5 to 10 lines because of my laziness and start making excuses and want to read just summary on the internet so, I can explain to my friend. When I started reading the short summary of the book I think I have taken one chance to read it and then I skip short summary and start reading from the first page.

I continuously started reading this book for 4 hours and i can’t even know how’s the time is passed. It’s incredible i can not think that this thing is happening to me. Amazing to see the results after this I wake up in the morning and start reading this book again for almost 3 hours. I took almost 13 to 14 hours to finish this book and I enjoyed this book a lot.

So many changes come to my mind and amazing copywriting makes me feel like this thing is happening in real-life or it is a real-life movie.

After reading this book I analyze that reading is a must-have manner in you and when you have free time you should read. It makes me feel relaxing and rotates our minds from real-life hurdles to how to overcome these hurdles.

After this I read many Novels that is recommended by my friend and my life is totally changed and this helps me to achieve my life goals.

Let us discuss how books helps you to achieve your goal easily:

Book makes you Habitual:

Friends as I mentioned to you am not the person who ever love to read books the main reason behind this is I can’t have a focus on the thing and can not spend my time in one direction. If you start reading a book you have to focus and position your mind in one direction and most important you have to sit in one place. Here’s the game started, when you are on the one line your mind start thinking around your direction and you get better ideas about your plans and also get small notices on how to overcome the hurdles that you face in your daily lifestyle.

Books make you Inspirational:

I think if you do not have any inspiration you can not achieve anything in your life. Everyone has a different inspiration in his/her life. Books are the most inspiring factor for me to attain my success. I read a lot of motivational authors books, a lot of self-help genre books and inspirational stories. From these inspirational stories, one thing is fixed in my mind how these persons attain their goal from starting lower level to the highest level in the world with their next level thought process and helps humanity with their mind-blowing ideas.

If you read the books that are written on famous personalities around the world then you have encouraged yourself that you should go on their principles not to become rich but for the easy success in your goals, it can be anything. One thing keep in mind is that money-making is not the goal of helping others or having a good respected socialised humour is more important.

Books makes you decision maker:

Making important decisions in less time is the most difficult task you will face in your daily lifestyle. Books have the power to make you a strong decision-maker. If you read many books will notice that your decision making ability increases as time being. This thing perfectly fits in my behaviour I realize that my decision-making thought process increased as per books I read. All type of books has their own charisma and every book develop a practical way to deal with long term hurdles in a sensitive way.

Books increases your thinking ability:

What do you understand with the term Thinking ability? The simple meaning is how you can ensure yourself broad mind thinker, whose ideas are not for self-assistance but for others assistance, positive approach to do work, helps everyone in any way it can be financial, moral support and help in important works. If you think for everyone that are surrounded in your area your self-esteem will be increased and by far your moral value will also increase that makes you the nicest person in other eyes or in your society.

These are small benefits I find in myself when I start reading books and I wish I can grow with my positive approach towards lifestyle throughout life.

Thanks for reading The small outcomes that I will realize in my life with the help of books.

Hope you enjoyed my journey and you should also take the same path as myself.

Good luck and enjoy your life…

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  1. You can definitely see your enthusiasm in the work you write. The world hopes for even more passionate writers like you who are not afraid to say how they believe. Always go after your heart.


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