Thoroughly Pucked PDF/E-Book by Lauren Blakely

Thoroughly Pucked is really enjoyable in the audiobook version. Samantha Brentmoor, Teddy Hamilton, and Jason Clarke did a fantastic job with the narration! They portrayed Aubrey, Dev, and Ledger perfectly, making the characters come alive in my ears. I was hooked, and my ears were buzzing throughout the book! (4.5/5)

Thoroughly Pucked  Pdf

Two star hockey players and their best friend’s little sister in a runaway bride rom com!

Picture this. I’m about to walk down the aisle when the groom decides to drop this news on me – he wants to dial it down to just f-buddies.

That’s when my brother’s two pro-hockey playing buddies sneak me out of the church seconds before the wedding march begins. They whisk me away in a convertible and we hit the open road.

But what’s a runaway bride to do with a broken heart and a non-refundable honeymoon? Book an extra ticket and take a double honeymoon with two off-limits, totally charming, absolutely gorgeous star athletes who want to lift my spirits.

When we arrive there’s only bed in the hotel room.

And it happens to fit three. The goalie, the forward and me. Looks like I’m about to get thoroughly pucked on my double honeymoon. Talk about lifting my spirits…

Thoroughly Pucked is a standalone hockey, brother’s best friends, runaway bride MFM romance with a guaranteed why-choose style HEA! No swords cross. This story is perfect for fans of spicy hockey romance!