This Could Be Us PDF/E-Book by Kennedy Ryan

“This Could Be Us” is a wonderful story that goes beyond romantic love. It’s about Soledad loving herself, a parent’s journey with their kids, the love between co-parents, and, in the end, the love between Soledad and Judah.

Description of the Book:

this could be us pdf

This Could Be Us Book Synopsis:

Soledad Barnes has her life all planned out. Because, of course, she does. She plans everything. She designs everything. She fixes everything. She’s a domestic goddess who’s never met a party she couldn’t host or a charge she couldn’t lead. The one with all the answers and the perfect vinaigrette for that summer salad. But none of her varied talents can save her when catastrophe strikes, and the life she built with the man who was supposed to be her forever, goes poof in a cloud of betrayal and disillusion.

But there is no time to pout or sulk, or even grieve the life she lost. She’s too busy keeping a roof over her daughters’ heads and food on the table. And in the process of saving them all, Soledad rediscovers herself. From the ashes of a life burned to the ground, something bold and new can rise.

But then an unlikely man enters the picture—the forbidden one, the one she shouldn’t want but can’t seem to resist. She’s lost it all before and refuses to repeat her mistakes. Can she trust him? Can she trust herself?

After all she’s lost . . .and found . . .can she be brave enough to make room for what could be?

Book Quotes That We Like:

“When conversing with the heart, expect it to talk back, to revisit the pains and disappointments that left the deepest dents and scratches.”

“I could tell her everything that interests her interests me because it’s a clue to how I can reach her, how I can love her the way she deserves”

“Do you have to deny yourself happiness with someone else in order to be happy with yourself?

“Like always, just the touch of our hands sends a thrill through me, as if our hearts meet and beat between our palms.”

“When are we ever done working on ourselves? I believe wholeness is not a destination, but a lifetime process. Something that instead of waiting for, you could be living for.”

“No one is on the way to rescue you. No one is on the way to save you and your girls. At the end of the day, it’s up to you. And so it is.

“There aren’t enough sonnets for friendship. Not enough songs for the kind of love not born of blood or body but of time and care”

Kennedy Ryan, This Could Be Us

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