The Wishing Game PDF/E-book by Meg Shaffer

What a fantastic way to start the new year with this wonderful book! It’s a delightful story about a quirky author, his concerned illustrator, and the enchanting island that inspired his magical books and dedicated readers.

I loved this book right from the beginning. It’s great for all ages, and I found myself misty-eyed at some parts and laughing out loud at others. Every character in the story is well-portrayed.

Description of the book:

the wishing game pdf

The Wishing Game Book Synopsis:

Make a wish. . . .

Lucy Hart knows better than anyone what it’s like to grow up without parents who loved her. In a childhood marked by neglect and loneliness, Lucy found her solace in books, namely the Clock Island series by Jack Masterson. Now a twenty-six-year-old teacher’s aide, she is able to share her love of reading with bright, young students, especially seven-year-old Christopher Lamb, who was left orphaned after the tragic death of his parents. Lucy would give anything to adopt Christopher, but even the idea of becoming a family seems like an impossible dream without proper funds and stability.

But be careful what you wish for. . . .

Just when Lucy is about to give up, Jack Masterson announces he’s finally written a new book. Even better, he’s holding a contest at his home on the real Clock Island, and Lucy is one of the four lucky contestants chosen to compete to win the one and only copy.

For Lucy, the chance of winning the most sought-after book in the world means everything to her and Christopher. But first she must contend with ruthless book collectors, wily opponents, and the distractingly handsome (and grumpy) Hugo Reese, the illustrator of the Clock Island books. Meanwhile, Jack “the Mastermind” Masterson is plotting the ultimate twist ending that could change all their lives forever.

. . . You might just get it.

Book Quotes that we like:

“Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.”

“The stories write us, you see. We read something that moves us, touches us, speaks to us and it…it changes us.”

“Hate is a knife without a handle. You can’t cut something with it without cutting yourself.”

“Always be quiet when a heart is breaking.”

“There is nothing braver than a child asking for help.”

“Sometimes the thing we want most in the world is the thing we’re most afraid of. And the thing we’re most afraid of is often the thing we most want.”

“I can’t buy time. No one in the world can buy time. All those wasted years of my life… I can’t buy them back. And if there was one thing I would buy if I could, it would be the time I wasted running from what I was afraid of instead of facing it.”

“Always remember, that the only wishes ever granted are the wishes of brave children who keep on wishing even when it seems no-one is listening because someone always is. Someone like me. Keep wishing. I’m listening.”

The Wishing Game, Meg Shaffer

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