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The Storm We Made Illuminates a strong light on the history of Asian countries that Westerners don’t know. Vanessa makes a powerful and confident debut in historical fiction that tackles the personal impact of war.

Description of the book:

the storm we made pdf

The Storm We Made Synopsis:

A spellbinding, sweeping novel about a Malayan mother who becomes an unlikely spy for the invading Japanese forces during WWII—and the shocking consequences that rain upon her community and family.

Malaya, 1945. Cecily Alcantara’s family is in terrible danger: her fifteen-year-old son, Abel, has disappeared, and her youngest daughter, Jasmin, is confined in a basement to prevent being pressed into service at the comfort stations. Her eldest daughter Jujube, who works at a tea house frequented by drunk Japanese soldiers, becomes angrier by the day.

Cecily knows two things: that this is all her fault; and that her family must never learn the truth.

A decade prior, Cecily had been desperate to be more than a housewife to a low-level bureaucrat in British-colonized Malaya. A chance meeting with the charismatic General Fuijwara lured her into a life of espionage, pursuing dreams of an “Asia for Asians.” Instead, Cecily helped usher in an even more brutal occupation by the Japanese. Ten years later as the war reaches its apex, her actions have caught up with her. Now her family is on the brink of destruction—and she will do anything to save them.

Spanning years of pain and triumph, told from the perspectives of four unforgettable characters, The Storm We Made is a dazzling saga about the horrors of war; the fraught relationships between the colonized and their oppressors, and the ambiguity of right and wrong when survival is at stake.

The Storm We Made Summary and Review:

Amidst the vibrant tapestry of 1936-1945 Malaya, a captivating tale unfolds, revealing the lives of Cecily, her life partner Gordon, and their three offspring – Jujube, Abel, and Jasmine. Cecily’s seemingly idyllic life takes an unexpected turn when she encounters Wide Fuijwara, a figure of the Japanese armed forces. Drawn to the allure of a more exhilarating existence, she succumbs to Fuijwara’s proposition, one that promises to restore Malaya to Asian sovereignty, steering it away from English dominance.

Cecily, embracing a clandestine role, infiltrates the inner workings of Gordon’s administrative world, extracting information to feed Fuijwara’s cause. A decade unfolds, and the repercussions of her choices become painfully evident. Jujube shoulders responsibilities beyond her years, Jasmine finds refuge in a cellar with her tresses untamed, and Abel languishes in the confines of a prison camp.

Cecily, once driven by the belief that she was contributing to a noble cause, awakens to the realization that she unwittingly betrayed her family and nation. The book navigates through a myriad of contentious themes, skillfully woven together by Chan’s compelling prose. The author’s narrative prowess keeps readers eagerly flipping pages, immersed in the atmospheric world she paints – a canvas of sorrowful circumstances, the palpable turmoil of characters, and the haunting echoes of choices made.

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