The New Couple in 5B PDF/E-Book by Lisa Unger

Lisa Unger’s “The New Couple in 5B” gave me an exciting and suspenseful experience that raced my heart at full Pace (BP HIGH😬). The story was gripping from the beginning, skillfully exploring the shady characters and keeping me on the edge of my seat with a perfect mix of suspense that left me breathless. Highly recommended (4.7/5)

Description of the Book:

the new couple in 5b pdf

The New Couple In 5B Book Synopsis:

A couple inherits an apartment with a spine-tingling past in this binge-worthy thriller from the New York Times bestselling author of Secluded Cabin Sleeps Six.

Rosie and Chad Lowan are barely making ends meet in New York City when they receive life-changing news: Chad’s late uncle has left them his luxury apartment at the historic Windermere in glamorous Murray Hill. With its prewar elegance and impeccably uniformed doorman, the building is the epitome of old New York charm. One would almost never suspect the dark history lurking behind its perfectly maintained facade.

At first, the building and its eclectic tenants couldn’t feel more welcoming. But as the Lowans settle into their new home, Rosie starts to suspect that there’s more to the Windermere than meets the eye. Why is the doorman ever-present? Why are there cameras everywhere? And why have so many gruesome crimes occurred there throughout the years? When one of the neighbors turns up dead, Rosie must get to the truth about the Windermere before she, too, falls under its dangerous spell.

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