The Neighbor Favor by Kristina Forest-Summary and Review

New year, new month, new romantic feel, in the month of valentine’s. On most occasions, love birds spend their valentine’s day in a way it can be a new place to visit, a new adventure, or a night out to watch movies or enjoying in a party. Everyone has different tastes some have mild some has full of the hyper-party type. But if you are in the line of mild then you should be on the verge to read out a book on your valentine’s day. A new romantic story on valentine’s month feels you fresh with a new kind of feeling towards your partner. This book The Neighbor Favor will definitely generate a level of romantic feel that carry throughout your life. You will definitely be witnessing the feel and encourage your partner to dive into the loving sight and come out with full of pleasure.

Kristina Forest’s new book The Neighbor Favor showcases a contemporary adult romance fiction vibe with a unique story that is basically surrounded by a neighbor’s love story and how they caught into a love angle.

The Neighbor Favor Description:

The Neighbor Favor Short Summary:

Genuinely this boo has charming storytelling after a long time we were seen or reads this type of romantic story that bound our mind and heart to the last page of the book. Kristina Forest is a truly genuine romantic fiction novelist who does an amazing job to present this full of love and romance novel in front of us.

The leading character is Lily who is a caring, warm-hearted, and talented girl. Lily, in her 20’s feeling pressure because of her highly successful sister and family. Her sister and family want her to find a good job and a good man. Due to this pressure, she stuck in an assistant job with an author who works in the nonfiction division of the company. Lily’s boss is a very demanding person he pressurizes him by giving him a lot of work due to this Lily hates her job day by day.

Lily’s sisters arrange dates for her. They want her sister to find a good man and spend her life in a peaceful and romantic way but Lily’s interest is different she tries to find her partner in her way. Lily continuously mails British fantasy author N.R. Strickland who is an author who publish only one book in his small writing career after that he became a travel journalist and has no interest to publish his novel’s sequel.

One day Lily and Strick decide to face each other for the first time when strick saw her he cut the entire communication just by saying to himself ” he’s is not who he is she thinks”.

Strick had not faced her due to this Lily felt heartbroken. Lily move on in her life and left behind this incident that she supposedly does not occur in her life. She realizes she had a crush on her neighbor who lives next to her flat. She finds that her neighbor named Nick is a caring, flirting, and kind type of person. After this, the major storyline of the novel starts when an amazing twist comes out and that is Nick is N.R.Strickland who broke her heart without meeting her.

Our Short Review on The Neighbor Favor:

When we read this Novel our team is skeptical and thought about what type of romance we might feel and how it touches our souls and heart but after reading this Novel we definitely say this Novel is Amazing and cute that finds a way to your heart as well in Soul. Amazing storytelling, characters, and a major twist that Nick is N.R.Strickland Oh My God that is the real twist you should pick this novel this weekend. We definitely say you can end this novel in one go.

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