The Lies You Wrote by Brianna Labuskes Pdf/E-book

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the lies you wrote Pdf

For a brilliant forensic linguist, crimes of the past hold clues to new series of murders in a twisting novel of suspense by the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of A Familiar Sight.

The double murder of a married couple in a small Washington town draws FBI forensic linguist Raisa Susanto into an investigation that mirrors a decades-old crime. Twenty-five years ago—to the day—Alex Parker murdered his parents, then took his own life, leaving behind a note admitting everything.

Raisa, paired with forensic psychologist Callum Kilkenny, uses her skills to read between the lines. Especially now that paranoid postings on a conspiracy thread suggest that Alex was a victim himself—theories that have piqued the interest of a perceptive content moderator and a true-crime podcaster eager for a big break.

As old and new crimes converge, messages from the living and the confessions of the dead take on new meaning for Raisa. Something more sinister than a copycat crime is at play, and plundering the darkest corners of a killer’s mind leaves her vulnerable to a deadly twist even she never saw coming.

“Trolls were trolls for a reason. On psychological tests, they routinely scored high for narcissism and sadistic tendencies—they weren’t there in good faith; they were there to feed the darkness in their own souls. She wanted to tell AlexFan that he just had to wait a little bit longer.”

“Copycat killers are all about putting distance between themselves and the murder. They can don a persona or a mask. They tend to be people who have hovered on the edge of violence, but could never cross over it as themselves. Copycat killings allow their brain to pretend it’s not really them doing it.”

“There are two wolves inside you, always battling. One is full of goodness and light, he lives in harmony with the world around him. The other one is evil, consumed with hatred and vengeance. When asked which one will win, the answer is simple. It will be the one that you feed.”

Brianna Labuskes




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