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Freida McFadden’s ‘The Inmate’ is an amazing masterpiece that blends suspense, emotion, and surprising twists seamlessly. From the beginning to the end, McFadden keeps you hooked with her compelling storytelling and well-made characters. Even though I think I can predict what will happen, her plot twists always surprise me – that’s how good they are. The ending was so shocking it left me with my jaw on the floor.

Description of the Book:

the inmate pdf,

The Inmate Book Synopsis:

There are three rules Brooke Sullivan must follow as a new nurse practitioner at a men’s maximum-security prison:

1) Treat all prisoners with respect.

2) Never reveal any personal information.

3) Never EVER become too friendly with the inmates.

But none of the staff at the prison knows Brooke has already broken the rules. Nobody knows about her intimate connection to Shane Nelson, one of the penitentiary’s most notorious and dangerous inmates.

And they certainly don’t know that Shane was Brooke’s high school sweetheart—the star quarterback who is now spending the rest of his life in prison for a series of grisly murders. Or that Brooke’s testimony was what put him there.

But Shane knows.

And he will never forget.

Book Quotes That We Like :

“Sometimes people do exactly what you think they’re going to do, and they still manage to disappoint you.”

“I look like I’m in college, and I feel like I’m fifty. Story of my life.”

“If someone truly wants to reach you, there’s always a way.”

“My mother would say that boys don’t do anything nice for you if they’re not expecting something in return.”

“I don’t quite understand how you can love somebody so much, yet so frequently want to throttle them.”

“I close my eyes and I can still see his ruggedly handsome face. His eyes looking into mine. I love you, Brooke. That was what he said to me just a few hours before he tried to kill me. And that’s not even the worst thing he did.”

Freida McFadden, The Inmate

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