The House of Eve by Sadeqa Johnson Summary and Review

Sadeqa Johnson’s new book The House Of Eve is set to be released in the month of February 2023. Sadeqa Johnson’s other books such as Yellow wife, Second house from the corner, There was me, and Love in a carry on bag are best sellers. The author also received various prizes such as the National book club award and the USA Best Book award for Best fiction.

This book is also good to read if you are a fan of reading romance fiction-type books.

In this blog post, we will share short summary of the book and also our view’s on this book why you should pick it up, and why you shouldn’t. The reasons are different from person to person So you should pick at least once in a while that this book is the best one-time read.

Description of the book:

the house of eve

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The House Of Eve Short Summary:

In this book, you will see the narrative of two young ladies named as Eleanor and Ruby both African American. These two ladies are young and intelligent. Ruby Pearsall lives in Philadelphia, her mother has not much interest in caring for her baby rather she wants another boyfriend to enjoy her life. Ruby taking extra classes in college to help African-American teenagers with help of the WeRise Program.

Eleanor Quarles settled in a tiny town in Ohio. Eleanor is the first member of her family who attends college first in her lifetime. She has full of motivation to achieve something in her life She works at a college library where she falls in love.

Stories of two different young women are set on a path that their lives become connected in an unexpected way. This is the main highlight of the book how these two different lives connected what are the reasons behind it how they meet each other this is the main and interesting twist of the book. For this, you have to read this book right now.

The House of Eve Review:

The story of the book is set in the late 1950s. If you are keen to like historical fiction, representation of black lives, standing up for women’s rights, and motherhood-type stories, then you should definitely pick this book.

This book is fast pace storyline you will notice that Ruby’s story track is much more interesting than Eleanor’s storyline.

The storyline of the book is divided and phrased in specific sections. Two stories of different women connected miles away at least when we reach at half of the book.

The book has no major surprises as we think that this is Sadeqa Johnson’s Novel. One major interesting part is when these two different stories connect each other.

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