(The Edens #6) Sable Peak Pdf/E-Book by Devney Perry

Sable Peak is the final book of The EDEN series. This makes me emotional, whole series interconnected with each other so our suggestion is to read from the start. Matteo and Vera are main characters if you wanna need to understand the context of the character you should start from the first. This is really perfect ending. I love Vera’s Journey from her past (very tragic) to her present where she discover what she want from his life. Worth Read 4.5/5

sable peak pdf

Vera Gallagher is chasing constant. For four years, her life was anything but normal. And the years before that she refuses to even remember. Dwelling on the past only hurts. Life is fragile, a lesson her mother taught her well. She’s determined not to waste a moment of her newfound freedom.

Maybe some would consider her crush on Mateo Eden wasted time. Maybe some would call her a fool for loving a man who hasn’t once dropped a crumb of interest her way. Still, to Vera, it’s Mateo or nothing.

He’s handsome. Charming. Witty. And he loves his family the way Vera loves—with her whole heart.

Maybe he’ll never notice her. Maybe she’s too damaged, too broken, to find that normal life she craves. Maybe her secrets will always keep them apart. But Vera will love him anyway. Whether Mateo realizes it or not.

An unrequited love, small town romance.

“Your favorite color is green. Dark green. And you’re a fast runner.” She seemed to prefer hiking for exercise, but I’d watched her go out for a run from time to time. Vera had a long, easy stride. She ran with grace, poise and speed. “Why are you saying all of this, Mateo?” Her voice was barely a whisper. I might not have let myself cross a line. I might not have noticed her crush. But that didn’t mean I hadn’t seen her. Learned about her. Paid attention to her.”

“When I lifted my gaze to his, I got lost in sapphire blue. Not a person on this earth had eyes like Mateo Eden. Not his parents. Not his siblings. Not even his daughter. “I see you, Vera.” The emotions swelled so big in my chest I couldn’t breathe. How long had I hoped for this? Dreamed of this? Years. I should have known what to say and what to do. Instead, I turned for the door.”

“Something shifted beneath my feet like moving sand. Things in my chest, around my brain, rearranged. It was like a deck of cards being shuffled.
There was before. This was after.”

“I couldn’t stop thinking about her. It felt like someone had slipped glass on my face. And that someone had given me permission to see.
Now I wanted to learn everything there was to learn about Vera. I wanted to see it all.”

“It’s you. You are her family. You are hers … And you’re mine. We are your family.”

Devney Perry, Sable Peak




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