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Author Cate Quinn takes you on a journey of psychological issues related to addiction, and mental health trying to figure out the reason behind it. The Clinic creates an atmosphere where the book draws attention to different perspectives on psychological conditions.

Description of the book:

the clinic pdf

The Clinic Synopsis:

From the critically acclaimed author of Black Widows comes a thriller set in a remote rehab clinic on the Pacific Northwest coast, in which the death of a woman inside prompts her sister to enter the clinic as a patient in order to find the truth. Perfect for fans of Stacy Willingham and Tarryn Fisher!

Meg works for a casino in LA, catching cheaters and popping a few too many pain pills to cope, following a far different path than her sister Haley, a famous actress. But suddenly reports surface of Haley dying at the remote rehab facility where she had been forced to go to get her addictions under control.

There are whispers of suicide, but Meg can’t believe it. She decides that the best way to find out what happened to her sister is to check in herself – to investigate what really happened from the inside.

Battling her own addictions and figuring out the truth will be much more difficult than she imagined, far away from friends, family – and anyone who could help her.

The Clinic Short Summary and Review:

Meet Meg, a no-nonsense casino worker in LA who spends her days catching cheaters and relying a bit too much on pain pills to cope. Her life takes a wild turn compared to her famous actress sister, Haley. One day, shocking reports emerge of Haley’s alleged death in a distant rehab facility meant to tackle her addictions. The word on the street? Whispers of suicide. Meg, refusing to believe it, decides to dig into the truth by checking into the same rehab center.

Now, juggling her own battles with addiction and uncovering the real story becomes a tougher challenge than Meg ever anticipated. Can she unravel the mystery surrounding her sister’s fate inside the clinic? Did Haley take her own life, fall victim to foul play, or succumb to an overdose? The bigger question looms: Will Meg face a similar fate in her pursuit of the truth?

This book is a psychological thriller that keeps you guessing till the end as you turn Page on page you will be welcomed by new twists that turn out to be breathtaking experiences. This is the perfect mix of Drama that has a suspense storyline mysterious character building and short chapters that feel like you are at a stage where you completely guess the incoming twist but this is not true. You have to wait until the last chapter will not be ended. we loved every bit of this crazy ride of psychological thriller that must be read by anyone who loves to read something different than a regular fiction novel.

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