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The Christmas Fix is an awesome sweet with a bit of spice fun-loving story that is great to read. Noah and Cat’s banter is really fun, and I liked all the side characters too. The book is easy to read, and I felt like I was part of the story. I enjoyed the romance developing and learning about the main character’s life as a TV star and how helping a small town was meaningful to her. Easily 4.6/5 Stars. (Audiobook Recommended)

Description of the Book:

the Christmas fix pdf

The Christmas Fix Book Synopsis:

She’ll save Christmas just to spite him…

When a late-season hurricane hits Merry, Connecticut, city manager and single dad Noah Yates has to inform the already devastated residents that there won’t be a Christmas Festival this year. No festival means no tourism dollars. A disaster of epic proportions for his hometown.

But when home renovation expert slash smoking hot reality TV star Catalina King shows up with a camera crew and a budget big enough to put the town back together again, Noah balks. Hard. The last time Cat was in town she stirred up trouble everywhere she went. (Residents are still talking about the town’s first and only bar fight.) Noah doesn’t need a TV diva capitalizing on his town’s tragedy or filling his daughter’s head with glitz and glam.

Cat is ready and willing to put Merry back in Christmas mode with a holiday special that will leave everyone believing in miracles and get her friends back in the home they love. But there’s one big problem standing in her way. And his name is Noah Yates. He’s wrong about her and she can’t wait to prove it. Ring those jingle bells because it’s on.

Book Quotes That We Like:

“There’s no life-work balance. Okay? Get it? It’s all life. You get the same twenty-four hours as the next girl. Fill yours with what you love.”

“You’re only looking at the obstacles. You gotta start looking at solutions.”

“I love you, Catalina King. I didn’t mean to, and I’m not sure how it happened. But I’d be a fool if I just let you walk away.”

“You forget how to have fun, and you’re forgetting how to live.”

“the point of working hard isn’t really getting people to notice how hard you work. It’s about giving it your all and being able to walk away with no regrets. Doing a good job shouldn’t be so someone else tells you that you did good. It should be about you feeling good about your effort.”

“Sometimes preparing for the worst is the only way you won’t be disappointed… or hurt.”

“Don’t dress it up, Cat. You work for reality television. You’re one step up from an ambulance-chasing personal injury lawyer promising his clients a fortune for their slip and fall.”

Lucy Score, The Christmas Fix

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