The Bride’s Runaway Billionaire PDF/E-Book by Pippa Grant

The Bride's Runaway Billionaire pdf

Being the star of the world’s most viral runaway bride video wasn’t how I envisioned my future when I woke up on my wedding morning, but here we are.
With me hiding from the world in Fiji where I’m now honeymooning solo.
And where I just tripped over my number one celebrity crush, hungover and sleeping on my little porch.
Turns out Jonas Rutherford, Razzle Dazzle movie star and heir to the entertainment conglomerate’s billions, is having his own relationship issues and is here hiding too after details of his scandalous divorce went public.
I didn’t think inviting him in for a hangover cure would lead to us getting friendly. And friendlier. And then—okay, yes.
I slept with him. Who can blame a girl? When you’re suddenly unexpectedly single and the number one guy on your freebie list is available, you leap.
But when I wake up the next morning, I discover I’m not the only runaway in my life, because he’s just ghosted me.
It’s fine. I’m fine. Neither one of us is in a position to start an actual relationship.
But three years later?
When he crashes my brother’s wedding?
Where the son that he’s just discovered he has is serving as ring bearer?
Life was a lot easier when I was just a runaway bride.

The Bride’s Runaway Billionaire is a deliciously juicy and utterly swoony romcom featuring a jaded optimist who’s had enough of the limelight, a happy-go-lucky celebrity whose world has been upside down since that fling after his divorce, the most adorable two-year-old on the planet, and a chicken with an attitude. While this book stands alone, you won’t go wrong to read The Worst Wedding Date, The Gossip and the Grump, and The Last Eligible Billionaire first.