The Ashes and the Star Cursed King PDF/E-Book

The Ashes and the Star Cursed King is full of dark secrets, political coups, enemies to lovers, slow burn, mutilations, and blood/gore just like its previous part.

the ashes and star cursed king  Pdf

Love is a sacrifice at the altar of power.

In the wake of the Kejari, everything Oraya once thought to be true has been destroyed. A prisoner in her own kingdom, grieving the only family she ever had, and reeling from a gutting betrayal, she no longer even knows the truth of her own blood. She’s left only with one certainty: she cannot trust anyone, least of all Raihn.

The House of Night, too, is surrounded by enemies. Raihn’s own nobles are none too eager to accept a Turned king, especially one who was once a slave. And the House of Blood digs their claws into the kingdom, threatening to tear it apart from the inside.

When Raihn offers Oraya a secret alliance, taking the deal is her only chance at reclaiming her kingdom–and gaining her vengeance against the lover who betrayed her. But to do so, she’ll need to harness a devastating ancient power, intertwined with her father’s greatest secrets.

But with enemies closing in on all sides, nothing is as it seems. As she unravels her past and faces her future, Oraya finds herself forced to choose between the bloody reality of seizing power – and the devastating love that could be her downfall

“I’d spend a lifetime at the tip of your blade, and it would have been worth it.”

“Let me make you the queen that you are. Let me guard your body, your soul, your heart. Let me spend the rest of my fucking pathetic life at your mercy. If I need to die, then let me do it by your hand. Please.”

“Your soul is my soul. Your blood is my blood. Your heart is my heart.”

“In a dark world, eyes naturally find the light. She becomes the brightest thing in his.”

“Humans mourn time, because it’s the only currency that really matters in a life so short.”

“To give someone that much of yourself. To give someone the power to destroy you.”

Carissa Broadbent