Sunbringer Pdf/E-Book by Hannah Kaner

Sunbringer picks up right after the events of Godkiller, introducing a new point of view that I enjoyed and felt added depth to the story. While the narrative follows the characters we already love, they spend most of the book apart, and I wished for more time with them together, especially my favorite character, Kissen. If You read Godkiller then you go for it If not then first start with Godkiller to get an idea of what is going on with the characters in the first phase. (4/5)

Description of the Book:

sunbringer pdf

Sunbringer Book Synopsis:

Return to the world of Godkiller in this thrilling sequel to the #1 internationally bestselling fantasy debut, where Kissen and her companions must navigate lands of gods and demons to unravel a dark truth at the heart of their world.

Professional godkiller Kissen and her companions—young noble Inara and knight Elogast—return in a winding adventure in a world overflowing with magic, beauty, and danger.

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