Starling House Pdf/E-Book by Alix E. Harrow

Starling House: This book is amazing! It’s about sisters, witches, memories, and power, and it really touched my heart. I couldn’t stop reading and completely fell in love with it. It’s a delightful and satisfying novel that tells the story of women fighting for equality, with fairy tales turned into magical spells. Amazing Read Worthy Contender for my 4.6/5 🌟.

Description of the Book:

starling house pdf

Book Synopsis:

A grim and gothic new tale from author Alix E. Harrow about a small town haunted by secrets that can’t stay buried and the sinister house that sits at the crossroads of it all.

Eden, Kentucky, is just another dying, bad-luck town, known only for the legend of E. Starling, the reclusive nineteenth-century author and illustrator who wrote The Underland–and disappeared. Before she vanished, Starling House appeared. But everyone agrees that it’s best to let the uncanny house―and its last lonely heir, Arthur Starling―go to rot.

Opal knows better than to mess with haunted houses or brooding men, but an unexpected job offer might be a chance to get her brother out of Eden. Too quickly, though, Starling House starts to feel dangerously like something she’s never had: a home.

As sinister forces converge on Starling House, Opal and Arthur are going to have to make a dire choice to dig up the buried secrets of the past and confront their own fears, or let Eden be taken over by literal nightmares.

If Opal wants a home, she’ll have to fight for it.

Book Quotes That We Like:

“It occurs to me that this lonely, beastly, bleeding boy is the only person who has ever fought for me, ever stood between me and the dark and told me to save myself.”

“I have no home, no porch light. But I have what I need, and it’s enough, It’s just that sometimes, God help me, I want more.”

“Once you’ve established a reputation for dishonesty, it becomes possible to lie simply by stating the flat truth.”

“Starling House was no longer just a house. What had begun as stone and mortar had become something more, with ribs for rafters and stone for skin. It has no heart, but it feels; it has no brain, but it dreams.”

“I figure dreams are like stray cats, which go away if I quit feeding them.”

“He is a ghost, a rumor, a story whispered after the children have gone to bed, and she was cold and hurt, all alone in the rising dark – and yet she hadn’t run from him until he told her to. The house has always had a taste for the brave ones.”

“Starling House makes me think of an underfed pet or a broken doll, a thing unloved by the person who promised to love it best.”

“I wonder if the feeling will fade. If the memory of a single season will be buried beneath the weight of ordinary years, until it is just a story, just another little lie. If I will learn to be content with enough, and forget that I was ever foolish enough to want more.”

Alix E. Harrow, Starling House

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