Shadows of You PDF/E-Book by Catherine Cowles

Shadow of You brings vibes of Suspense Thriller, Small Town, Heroine in hiding, Single Mom, Forced Proximity, and Grumpy/Sunshine romance with beautiful storytelling. Specially From Audiobook Narrator Maxine Mitchell. Worth Reading with a 4.6/5 rating.

shadow of you pdf

It was supposed to be a fresh start. A small town where I could hide my little girl from the shadows that haunt us. A place where I could keep us safe.

The last thing I expected was him.

A surly, broody mountain of a man who helps me save an injured deer in a snowstorm.

Now, Roan Hartley keeps showing up with his glowers and grimaces. But they only make his rare smiles and the gentle way he talks to my daughter mean that much more.

When forces from my past find us, Roan is determined to keep us safe—even if that means sleeping on my ancient couch every night.

As days turn to weeks, his touch has my walls crashing down. But someone out there doesn’t want me to find happiness. He doesn’t want me left breathing at all…

“You were the light in the shadows. A glimmer of hope when I felt like all mine had been burned out.”

“There’s something powerful in finding purpose to the pain.”

“You’re the light in the shadows. Always have been. Always will be.”

“Everyone needs a place to belong. Somewhere they feel safe. I like being that for them.”

“Everyone has their struggles, but sometimes I think those who have gone through the worst are the ones with the deepest ability to find joy, even in moments of hardship and heartache.”

Catherine Cowles, Shadow of You