Secretly yours by Tessa Bailey

Feb is a lover’s favorite month of each year due to valentine’s week. The romantic vibe of the month starts as many couples find new ways to present their romantic feelings. most of them seek to look for new ideas to spend their romantic time it can be a holiday, go to watch romantic movies and lastly finding a new book that shows romance in a contemporary realistic way.

At this time Tessa Bailey Secretly your’s finds a way to your bookshelf to feel the feeling of romance in a fictional way that you and your valentine enjoy while reading this book.

In this blog post, we reviewed the Secretly Your’s novel and helped you to tell about this and why this is a perfect read this valentine’s week.

Secretly Yours by Tessa Bailey Description:

“Secretly Yours: A Novel” Storyline:

Hallie Welch is the owner of Becca’s Blooms which is a gardening and landscaping company located in Saint Helena small town in Napa Valley. Hallie is facing trouble for continuously running her grandmother’s business without her grandmother. Her grandmother died Becaa Blooms run lonely by Hallie Welch. A company run by her grandmother due to the sudden death of her grandmother Hallie becomes the sole owner of Becca’s Blooms but she faces trouble running their business. Hellie Welch had a crush on a man in high school. She secretly writes letters to the man. The romantic start of the story starts from here. The Man is also from Saint Helena but he settled in another city, his father has a wine refinery in the area but this also faces huge losses. When he comes to his home town she met with Hallie but he does not recognize her after some time Hallie Welch continuously made efforts to meet him and last she finds him. This is a little bit storyline but if you read this book you should interact with some other good characters that help the story to move into a romantic way.


This Novel has everything. We love the characters of Julian and Hellie. Hallie has happy, sunshine-type characters that face chaos in her business Where as Julian is stoic and Precise.

During their school time, these two have history and chemistry that precisely showcase in the main plot of the book. If we reviewed this plot-wise the novel is deliciously slow in nature but due to its slowness, you will generate a romantic feel among those characters.

Tessa Bailey writes almost 70 books every book has amazing and different stories but this book has something different. You should definitely pick this one in valentine’s week to enjoy a full of a romantic feel.

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