Romantic Musical Drama “A Nashville Wish” Trailer released: Cast, Plot, Release date, and more.

A new musical age drama is set to be released this Valentine’s month. This movie is a perfect gesture by Vision Films for those who want to enjoy their Valentine’s week by watching a sweet romantic movie.

A Nashville Wish Plot:

In a small town where dreams seemed as distant as the horizon, a young and exceptionally talented country singer navigated the intricacies of love and ambition. The protagonist, a budding musical star, was in the midst of a romance with the high school’s most beautiful cheerleader. The synopsis of this compelling narrative begins with a glimpse into the dreams that fueled the protagonist’s aspirations: “A talented young country singer dating the most beautiful cheerleader in high school dreams of nothing but going to Nashville to become a music star.”

As the story unfolds, we witness the protagonist’s unwavering determination to break free from the constraints of his small-town life. His heart beats in sync with the rhythm of country tunes, and Nashville beckons as the ultimate destination where his musical dreams could blossom into reality.

The twist in this tale lies in the synchronicity of his musical journey and the blossoming relationship with the cheerleader. Just as the stars align for his music career to take off, so does the intensity of his romantic involvement. The plot thickens as the young artist faces a dilemma that strikes at the core of his being. The synopsis poignantly captures the essence of this pivotal moment: “As the stars would have it, his music career takes off at the same time as their relationship, and he must choose between his love of music and the girl of his dreams.”

A Nashville Wish Trailer:

A Nashville Star Cast:

Alexis Gomez (American Idol finalist),

Kevin Sizemore (Woodlawn, Into The Spotlight),

Kourtney Hansen (ABC’s Nashville),

Ryan O’Quinn (Believe, Paul’s Promise),

Kate Orsini (NCIS),

Molly Malady, Fletcher Olson, Caleb Shore (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2),

Candace Randolph,

Erlinda Navarro (Anything is Possible), and Craig Shumaker (Parks and Recreation).

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A Nashville Wish Release Date:

It’s scheduled to debut in select theaters on 2 February 2024.

VOD release on February 27.