Review of All That Is Mine I Carry with Me by William Landay

William Landay, a resident of Boston, is a distinguished author of four novels including All That Is Mine I Carry With Me, Defending Jacob, The Strangler, and Mission Flats. His novel, Defending Jacob, was awarded the Strand Critics Award for the best mystery novel.

The Strangler was recognized as one of the best crime novels of the year by the L.A. Times, Daily Telegraph, and other publications. Furthermore, Mission Flats won the Dagger Award for the best first crime novel. Prior to his writing career, Landay served as an assistant district attorney.

All That Is Mine I Carry with Me Description:


One afternoon in November 1975, ten-year-old Miranda Larkin comes home from school to find her house eerily quiet. Her mother is missing. Nothing else is out of place. There is no sign of struggle. Her mom’s pocketbook remains in the front hall, in its usual spot.

So begins a mystery that will span a lifetime. What happened to Jane Larkin?

Investigators suspect Jane’s husband. A criminal defense attorney, Dan Larkin would surely be an expert in outfoxing the police.

But no evidence is found linking him to a crime, and the case fades from the public’s memory, a simmering, unresolved riddle. Jane’s three children–Alex, Jeff, and Miranda–are left to be raised by the man who may have murdered their mother.

Two decades later, the remains of Jane Larkin are found. The investigation is awakened. The children, now grown, are forced to choose sides. With their father or against him? Guilty or innocent? And what happens if they are wrong?

A tale about family–family secrets and vengeance, but also family love–All That Is Mine I Carry With Me┬ámasterfully grapples with a primal question: When does loyalty reach its limit?

All That Is Mine I Carry with Me Short Summary in our Words:

the story of Jeff, whose childhood friend’s life has been impacted by domestic drama. Jeff’s mother, Jane, vanished on November 11, 1975, leaving the entire family waiting for her return. Jeff suggests to Philip, who had a crush on Jane’s younger sister, Miriam, to meet her and talk more about their family.

On the day of Jane’s disappearance, her youngest daughter, Miriam, returned home from school to find an empty house. She waited alone in the dark until her father arrived and alerted the authorities. Detective Tom Glover was assigned to the case and suspected Dan Larkin, Jane’s husband, who was a criminal defense attorney.

Jane’s sister, Katie, also suspected Dan’s motives. He worked with criminals and knew how to get away with brutal crimes. Dan was ambitious, detail-oriented, and merciless. Shortly after Jane’s disappearance, he brought his mistress into their home. However, there was no evidence against him. There was no corpse, no trace of blood, and no signs of foul play.

Miriam struggled with depression throughout her life, and Jeff resented his father for coping with the situation. Their elder brother, Alex, supported their father from the beginning. Two decades later, they have some answers but still don’t know who was responsible for Jane’s disappearance. They wonder if they were raised by a cold-blooded killer.

In summary, Jeff’s childhood friend’s life was impacted by the mysterious disappearance of his mother. The family waited for her return, but she never came back. The case was never solved, and the family was left with unanswered questions and suspicion towards Dan Larkin, Jane’s husband.

All That Is Mine I Carry with Me Review:

Expressing one’s admiration for a book is always a pleasure, and William Landay’s latest release is no exception. The book is so captivating that I cannot find enough words to describe how much I enjoyed it. Even though patience is not my strongest virtue, it was definitely worth the wait.

The book is an unputdownable page-turner that has a unique storytelling style and impeccable character development. What I loved most about this book is that it contains three different stories that move between different time zones and share the perspectives of people who are involved in Jane Larkin’s disappearance. Each character is so well-crafted that I felt emotionally invested in their stories.

Overall, William Landay’s new book is a gripping and thoroughly enjoyable read. It combines excellent storytelling with compelling characters, making it a must-read for anyone who loves a good mystery novel. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a well-written and captivating story.

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