Pucking Around PDF/E-Book by Emily Rath

Pucking Around” by Emily Rath tells the story of Rachel, Jake, Caleb, and Ilmari (Mars) as they navigate a whirlwind of romance, emotions, and sexual awakenings.

Description of the Book:

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Book Synopsis:

My name is Rachel Price, and two months ago, I walked away from the perfect man. Sweet and funny, and so hot it should be illegal—we shared one magical night. No names. No strings. I never thought I’d see him again.

I was wrong. It turns out Mr. Perfect is the playboy grinder for the Jacksonville Rays, the NHL’s hottest new hockey team…and I’m his new physical therapist. Oh, and the jerk doesn’t even recognize me!

This fellowship is going to be the longest ten months of my life. Mr. Perfect Mistake will do anything to get back on my good side. Meanwhile, his best friend is the surly new equipment manager always riding my case. Worst of all, I’ve got an uncooperative goalie who thinks I can’t tell he’s hiding an injury!

This is my chance to prove myself, and I’m not risking it for anything. But with one unexpected night, one secret revealed, these men are ready to test all my limits. I can’t fall for a player…let alone three. But if love is a game, these guys are playing to win.

PUCKING AROUND is a spicy ‘why choose’ hockey romance. This book stands alone as the first in a planned series.

Book Quotes That We Like:

“Three platonic fuck buddies and a hyperactive dog. What could possibly go wrong?”

“Death by too much dick. And this is a death I mean to die over and over and over again.”

“But this isn’t just sex for me, Rachel,” Jake adds, his face solemn. “Hell, at this point, I’ll settle for just breathing your air. I’ll rub your feet on the couch after a long day. I’ll do your laundry. I’ll hold your purse while you shop for trail mix. That’s how crazy I am about you. I have to be me, and this is who I am. This is how I feel. Move in and be with me. With us. Whatever that looks like to you, we’ll figure it out. Just give me more than this nothing. I can’t bear another second of the nothing.”

“Oh baby, just you wait. I’ve got the next ten months to slow burn the fuck out of this.”

“You really think I could forget my Seattle Girl? Baby, you’re all I think about.”

“You can’t stop the bad things from happening—to yourself, to your brother, to any of us. I know because I’ve lived the same as you, trying to keep my life small. Really all I did was build myself a cage. And then I trapped myself inside that cage and told myself the bars weren’t real.”

Emily Rath, Pucking Around

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