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“Only If You’re Lucky” delves into the mysterious world of female friendships, exploring the web of lies, hidden secrets, and the true depth of understanding between us and those we hold dear. With captivating characters and unexpected turns that fit seamlessly together, Willingham’s latest work is mesmerizing, haunting, and filled with mind-bending surprises.

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Only if you are lucky book pdf

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Lucy Sharpe is larger than life. Magnetic, addictive. Bold and dangerous. Especially for Margot, who meets Lucy at the end of their freshman year at a liberal arts college in South Carolina. Margot is the shy one, the careful one, always the sidekick and never the center of attention. But when Lucy singles her out at the end of the year, a year Margot spent studying and playing it safe, and asks her to room together, something in Margot can’t say no—something daring, or starved, or maybe even envious.

And so Margot finds herself living in an off-campus house with three other girls, Lucy, the ringleader; Sloane, the sarcastic one; and Nicole, the nice one, the three of them opposites but also deeply intertwined. It’s a year that finds Margot finally coming out of the shell she’s been in since the end of high school, when her best friend Eliza died three weeks after graduation. Margot and Lucy have become the closest of friends, but by the middle of their sophomore year, one of the fraternity boys from the house next door has been brutally murdered… and Lucy Sharpe is missing without a trace.

A tantalizing thriller about the nature of friendship and belonging, about loyalty, envy, and betrayal—another gripping novel from an author quickly becoming the gold standard in psychological suspense.

Only If you are Lucky Short Summary:

Margot, stepping into the thrill of college life, seeks solace in leaving behind the haunting memories of her high school years, overshadowed by the tragic death of her closest friend, Eliza. Desperate to break free from the complex trauma that lingers, Margot enters college with optimism, ready to embrace a new chapter. Her initial college experience seems ordinary, sharing a dorm with a somewhat uneventful roommate.

However, everything changes when Lucy, a captivating and mysterious fellow student known for her dangerous allure, approaches Margot with an irresistible proposition. Lucy invites Margot to join her and two other girls, the spirited Sloane and the more reserved Nicole, in an off-campus house filled with the promise of excitement and experiences Margot had only dreamt of. Eager to escape her past and embrace a thrilling social life, Margot accepts the invitation, plunging into a world of late-night adventures, parties, drugs, and risky games.

As Margot becomes entangled with the enigmatic Lucy and the intriguing group, a familiar face from her past reappears, offering the opportunity to confront the person she believes is responsible for Eliza’s death. The stakes rise when Lucy poses a chilling question during one of their games: “If you knew you could get away with murder, would you do it?” Margot is left to grapple with whether Lucy’s inquiry is mere rhetoric or if her dark tendencies extend beyond the knowledge of their tight-knit group.

Amidst the allure of newfound freedom and the pursuit of justice for her friend, Margot must navigate the blurred lines of loyalty and deception, questioning just how far Lucy’s professed dedication to her friends truly extends. The unfolding events force Margot to confront the shadows of her past and consider the unimaginable choices that lie ahead.

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