‘Not Dead Yet’ a instant hit series coming back for its second season. Cast, Release Date, Where to watch and more

Nell Serrano a lead character played by Gina Rodriguez in season 1 was an instant hit on ABC network. Now again comedic constellation readies for its second season. Brace yourselves for the cosmic chuckles, for the second season promises to outshine its predecessor with the gravitational pull of new comedic plots. With the entry of Brad Garrett, the show must be better than the first. As the universe of Not Dead Yet expands we expect laughter to reign supreme and all new hilarious comedy scenes.

Not Dead Yet Season 1 Ending Explained:

In season 1 Bell’s ex-fiance Philip comes back to patch things up. However, instead of a smooth reunion, he confronts Nell about the mistakes in their past relationship. After taking ghostly advice from Rhea Perlman a guest star, Nell faces up to her errors and transforms herself, leading to a new connection with Philip. As the couple spend weeks rediscovering each other, Nell makes changes to align with Philip’s wishes. Due to this Nell loses her ability to commy with ghosts.

In the complex interplay of love and self-discovery, Not Dead Yet season 1 takes an unexpected turn, leaving Nell to navigate the consequences of her choices.

What we expect from Not Dead Yet Season 2:

A different approach for comedy in season 1 we expect the same in season 2 but some more fun. Most of the viewers like season 1 but some do not, they showcase their hatred towards this because pretty standard sitcoms, characters, and relationships remind other shows. If season 2 wants to be a great hit then these negatives should correct first.

Not dead yet season 2 cast:

Gina Rodriguez as Nell Serrano

Brad Garret a new face in the season

Brittany Snow as Piper

Hannah Simone as Sam

Josh Bandey as Dennis

Lauren Ash as Lexi

Where to watch Not Dead Yet season 2?

On 7 Feb 2024 Not Dead Yet steaming on ABC at 8:30 PM. Steamed episodes will be available on Hulu on next day.