Moon of the Turning Leaves Pdf/E-book

Moon of the Turning Leaves Surpass its Original by a big margin. This is the second book of the series “Moon of the” when I started reading this book I wish I could read it more and more. The story comes with you until you finish the book. It is a well-written suspense novel and a perfect sequel. 4.5/5

Description of the book:

Moon of the Turning Leaves Pdf

Book Synopsis:

In this gripping sequel to the award-winning post-apocalyptic novel Moon of the Crusted Snow , a brave scouting party of hunters and harvesters led by Evan Whitesky must venture into unknown and dangerous territory to find a new home for their close-knit but slowly starving Northern Ontario Indigenous community more than a decade after a world-ending blackout.

For the past twelve years, a community of Anishinaabe people have made the Northern Ontario bush their home in the wake of the infrastructural power failure that brought about governmental and societal collapse. Hunters and harvesters, they have survived and thrived the way their ancestors once did, but their natural food resources are dwindling, and the time has come to find a new home.
Evan Whitesky volunteers to lead a dangerous mission south to explore the possibility of moving back to their ancestral home, the “land where the birch trees grow by the big water” in the Great Lakes region.

Accompanied by five others, including his daughter Nangohns, a great archer and hunter, Evan begins a journey that will take him through the reserve where the Anishinaabe were once settled, the devastated city of Gibson, and a land now being reclaimed by nature. But it isn’t just the wilderness that poses a threat as they encounter other survivors. Those who, like the Anishinaabe, live in harmony with the land. And those who use violence to fulfill their needs. . .

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