Missing Clarissa by Ripley Jones

Missing Clarissa is the first novel by author Ripley Jones, and it tells the story of the disappearance of Clarissa Campbell, a popular high school cheerleader who vanished without a trace from a party held in the woods just outside her small town.

Missing Clarissa Description:

Missing Clarissa

Missing Clarissa’s Short Summary:

In “Missing Clarissa” by Ripley Jones, two high school journalism students, Blair Johnson and Cameron Munoz, embark on a mission to solve a cold case from twenty years ago. The case involves the disappearance of popular cheerleader Clarissa Campbell, who vanished from a party in 1999 without a trace. Despite extensive searches, the mystery remained unsolved, capturing the nation’s attention for a few months.

Blair and Cameron focus on archive research and interviews for their true crime podcast, hoping to uncover new clues that may lead to the truth about what happened to Clarissa. Along the way, the two girls face their own personal struggles. Cameron is portrayed as intelligent, funny, and understanding, but she can also be impetuous and infuriating. She is jealous of Blair’s boyfriend, James, and the time Blair spends with him.

Blair, on the other hand, sees herself as boring and dull, with parents who lack support for her aspirations. She dreams of becoming a writer but is plagued by insecurities and lacks the courage to take a writing class. Despite their personal challenges, Blair and Cameron persevere in their investigation, determined to find answers about what happened to Clarissa.

Review of the book:

The author of the book succeeded in blending the past and present seamlessly in the story. Although there were several conflicts throughout the plot, I didn’t feel the level of intensity I anticipated. The conclusion was more predictable than I desired, but the final scene was full of tension and excitement.

All in all, the novel was engaging, entertaining, and had a thrilling climax with a diverse cast of characters. I found the storyline to be fascinating and enjoyed reading this book. This was my first time reading anything from this author, and I would recommend this novel to fans of young adult mysteries and true crime podcasts.

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