Meadow Falls by Carolyn Brown Pdf/E-Book

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Meadow Falls by Carolyn Brown is a beautiful story about a young woman who was never shown love by her parents, made to stay on the peanut farm even though she wanted to be anywhere else, and the love she was given by her care giver and her childhood friend.

meadow fall pdf

An emotional novel about a small-town Texas family, forgiveness, and coming to terms with the past by New York Times bestselling author Carolyn Brown.

Angela Marie has spent all of her thirty-five years on Meadow Falls, the farm that’s been in her Texas family for generations. It wasn’t her plan. It was an obligation. Now that her parents—less loving kin than strangers—have passed, the whole shebang belongs to Angela. And a legacy she never wanted is hers to uphold.

She can’t forsake it now. Her beloved nanny, Mandy, who was always more of a mother, needs a caregiver herself. And Mandy’s great-granddaughter, as close to Angela as a sister, has returned to roost. When a handsome veteran arrives seeking work as a farmhand, Angela thinks the future might not be half-bad after all.

But it’s the past that proves enlightening. Mandy is revealing secrets Angela never knew about her parents. As the clouds on her family history begin to part, the inheritance feels more like a precious gift, and Meadow Falls more like the home Angela’s been looking for her whole life.

Meadow Falls is a heartfelt drama that unfolds through Angela Marie’s eyes. Join her as she embarks on a journey of forgiveness, leaving behind her past and discovering happiness in the present.

Angela grapples with unanswered questions, and her search for closure leads her to Mandy, a caregiver from her childhood who now battles dementia. This story beautifully explores the idea that family isn’t always about blood but love.

It emphasizes the importance of forgiveness in finding joy and contentment, acknowledging that while sadness is inevitable, there are silver linings if you keep an eye out for them.



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