Lucy Score’s Upcoming book “Things we hide from light” is worth reading in Feb 2023

Romance month with the new romantic book. Have you ever thought that you wanna read a romance full book in this valentine’s month then you should not go anywhere else to find a new book that is sure to capture your soul and heart and feels you on a rollercoaster of love emotions and generate a feel to discover the true power of love that pushes you to dive in the ocean of romantic love story and helps you think in a way that something like this one also happens to you in the real world?

For this you have to read Lucy Score’s “Thing we hide from the light” which should be released in Feb 2023. This book is definitely worth reading for spending your holiday full of a romantic vibe.

Book Description:

What did you expect from the book?

The old book in this series was very popular. There were many good romantic characters in the book which give your heart thump vibrations. All of sudden you realize you have to finish right now due to its impeccable storyline and full of love flattering out.

The romantic story between Nash Morgan and Lina describes the way love happens and you will not know about this when this will happen to you. Nash Morgan police chief of the small town has been shot and was recovering from his injuries. Lina is a sexy girl who is a new neighbor next to his house. All day or another day he sees Lina from his balcony and feels fresh just by seeing her in front of him. A love story has been started they don’t even know that their meeting with another changed into lovable memories.

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