Loving Romeo Pdf/E-Book by Laura Pavlov

Loving Romeo A Sesantional Start of new Series.Did I really read this whole book in just one day? Yep, I sure did! Did I put off my other duties to finish it? Uh-huh, guilty as charged! Romeo and Demi are like the grumpy sunshine, and after some meh books, this one hit the spot. I enjoyed every bit of it and adore all the characters. Magnolia Falls’ world is my favorite this year for sure. If you’re into heartfelt, lovely, soulful friendships, Loving Romeo is the way to go.

loving romeo pdf

Demi Crawford was Magnolia Falls royalty.
I was the boxer from the wrong side of the tracks.
She was the epitome of everything good, while I was broody and rebellious.
We couldn’t be more different.
Her family was enemy number one which made her guilty by association.
I despised her before I even knew her.
It was easier that way.
But now she’d moved in next door to me, and she was everywhere I turned.
I couldn’t avoid her no matter how hard I tried.
She was beautiful and honest and sweet.
Everything I knew I shouldn’t want.
Shouldn’t need.
They say there’s a fine line between love and hate—and I don’t know when I crossed over.
I was so wrapped up in this girl I couldn’t see straight.
She was the right hook I never saw coming.
Hating her was supposed to be my end game.
Loving her… well, that was just the beginning.
But the secrets that lived between us threatened to tear us apart.
Lucky for her—I was a born fighter.
And she was definitely worth the fight.

“Romeo Knight can fuck off. I’ve never judge him. He doesn’t have a clue about my life. We’ve never even spoken before today. He’d made his mind up about me before he walked through the door.”
“You are so right. He’s an asshole. But damn, he is a good-looking asshole, am I right?”

“Is this the first time you’ve seen a man in his boxers?” His voice was low and deep and sexy.
“Those aren’t boxers. Those are briefs.”
“I guess you’d know since you’ve been staring at my dick for a ridiculously long time.”

“I can’t stop thinking about you. Wanting you. Even though I know I shouldn’t.”

“Like a bee to honey, in a sea of people, my gaze always found hers.”

“The kind of love that lasts forever. The kind of love you can’t live without once you have it.”

“Most of the time, I think about you naked. I think about the way you’d taste. The way you’d respond when I touched you. The way your lips would feel against mine. The way you’d look when you came for me.”

“You’re fucking beautiful, you know that, right?” he whispered. “I can’t stop thinking about you. Wanting you. Even though I know I shouldn’t.”

Laura Pavlov, Loving Romeo