Love Redesigned PDF/E-Book by Lauren Asher

Love Redesigned has some of the best tropes; the small-town billionaire romance of Julian Lopez and Dahila Munoz. Author’s Writing is consistently stellar, Plot, Palatable Sexual tension between the characters, romance, and all nuances are heartwarming giving you an electrifying experience and bringing a genuine smile to your face—highly Recommended 4.5/5.

Love Redesigned Pdf

If I ever caught on fire, Dahlia Muñoz would fan the flames with a smile.
So, when she returns to Lake Wisteria, I fully intend to avoid the interior designer.
At least until my meddling mother exploits my savior complex.
The faster I help Dahlia find her creative spark, the sooner she will leave town.
But while I was busy getting rid of Dahlia, I overlooked one potential issue.
What happens if I want her to stay?

People say the devil has many faces, but I know only one.
Julian Lopez—my childhood rival and family frenemy.
I vow to steer clear of him while recovering from my broken engagement, but then the billionaire makes an irresistible offer.
Renovate a historic house together and triple our profits.
Our temporary truce becomes compromised as we face years’ worth of denied attraction and mixed emotions.
Giving into our desire is inevitable…but falling in love?
That isn’t part of the plan.

Love Redesigned is a steamy, small-town romance about two family friends-turned-childhood rivals. It is the first book in the standalone Lakefront Billionaires series and has a happy ending.

“When did we go from wanting to murder each other to wanting to murder for one another?”

“He stares up at me like one does the sun—in equal parts pain and wonder.”

“To those whose love language is words of affirmation. Your praise kink is safe with me (and Julian Lopez).”

“Turns out I’d rather build a home with you than a thousand houses by myself.”

“Life without you was a series of pros and cons. Risks and rewards. Black and white with very few shades of gray. But then you came back and flipped a switch inside me, flooding my world with color after a ten-year blackout, and I don’t plan on giving that up. Not now. Not ever.”

“There was nothing I wanted more than my mom’s hugs and her unwavering belief that Vicks VapoRub will cure everything, including a broken heart.”

“If you have to change yourself to fit someone’s ideal version of you, then that’s not love.”

“Be patient with yourself and trust the process.”

Lauren Asher, Love Redesigned