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Analeigh Shrana’s romantic fantasy “Lore of the Wilds” is the perfect debut that every writer wants. This Novel is the perfect blend of adventure, Suspense, Secrets, Romance, Diverse characters and a lot of unexpected twists that perfectly settle the atmosphere of cozy romantic vibes with its rich character development. We must pause to appreciate this debut Novel’s stunning cover. Have you ever seen this type of incredible cover in the debut novel write in the comment section.

Description of the book:

Lore of the wilds pdf

A stunning Romantasy debut about an enchanted library, two handsome Fae, and one human who brings them all together.

A library with a deadly enchantment.

A Fae lord who wants in.

A human woman willing to risk it all for a taste of power.

In a land ruled by ruthless Fae, twenty-one-year-old Lore Alemeyu’s village is trapped in a forested prison. Lore knows that any escape attempt is futile—her scars are a testament to her past failures. But when her village is threatened, Lore makes a desperate deal with a Fae lord. She will leave her home to catalog/organize an enchanted library that hasn’t been touched in a thousand years. No Fae may enter the library, but there is a chance a human might be able to breach the cursed doors.

She convinces him that she will risk her life for wealth, but really she’s after the one thing the Fae covet above all: magic of her own.

As Lore navigates the hostile world outside, she’s forced to rely on two Fae males to survive. Two very different, very dangerous, very attractive Fae males. When undeniable chemistry ignites, she’s not just in danger of losing her life, but her heart to the very creatures she can never trust.

As I started reading this book at the beginning it was confusing but continuous reading this book just throws you into a deep magical world from there you can’t take the flight to the real world until you are on the last page. The fantasy world that it builds around you is insane, you actually start thinking you are also part of the story who just listening or seeing the scenes by far from the actual circuit.


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