‘It Ends With Us’ a sensational book by Collen Hover, is ready to make its box office debut—Star-Cast and release date FInal.

In 2019, Justin Baldoni a film director thought of making a romantic fixture that created hype in the box office. He chose the renowned novel (It Ends With Us) by Collen Hover for his upcoming Project of Novel to film adaption

It Ends With Us is an amazing novel written by Collen Hover that became a large hit when it was released in 2016. About half a million copies sold. This popularity and pre-hit marketing of the novel help the movie Avatar to get a big chunk of box office collection.

Those who read the novel know why we say this!!

Film shoots in Hoboken, New Jersey at Field Colony. For a short time, the shooting of the movie was halted due to the 2023 WGA strike after a month shooting was started and completed and set to be released on Chocolate Day.

Major Star Cast Of the Movie:

Blake Lively as Lily Bloom

Justin Baldoni as Rule Kincaid

Brandon Sklenar as Atlas Corriyan Lily’s high school love interest

Jenny slate as Allysa

Hasan Minhaj as Marshall.