I Have Some Questions for You by Rebecca Makkai Short Summary and Review

After a long time, I get a chance to spend a time with mystery thriller named “I Have Some Questions For You” by Rebecca Makkai. I read two to three books last month which I reviewed on our site but most of them are romantic fictional novels due to valentine’s month I prefer to read 1 to 2 novels that would be romantic fiction but after reading these novels I am getting bored So I choose any new mystery thriller type novel that helps me out of that boringness.

Most readers when thinking to read out new novels check out goodreads.com same step I took and start finding new releases this month. When I searched for a new mystery thriller novel I saw Rebecca Makkai’s new novel set to release today. I set my mind that I wanna try this thing right now and surprisingly get a chance in no time.

As you think why do I consider this book just directly seen on the website? The major reason is last year when I read a news that is showcased by TIME that they preferred this book as the Most Anticipated book of 2023 same as other media outlets such as The Seattle Times, Today.com, Crimereads, and Good housekeeping.

This book made headlines that headlines fixed in my mind and when I saw it I directly pick it up in no time.’This is the story behind my reading and next is the story about Is this really a true mystery thriller or just a piece of cake as same as other mystery thrillers? Some personal views are shared in the last section of the blog so keep patience and read short summary on this basis you have to decide whether it can be good or not.

I wanna share short summary of the novel that help you to consider this or to check out another mystery-thriller to read this month. So stay calm and continues the journey of “I Have Some Questions For You”.

Description of “I Have Some Questions for You” :

I Have Some Questions for You

Short Summary ofI Have Some Questions for You” :

The storyline of the novel starts in 1955 in New Hampshire where a murder has been committed in the boarding school. A girl named Thalia was found dead in the pool which is on the campus school. She has major blunt force trauma on the upper side of her head and other major several injuries marking on other parts of her body. The condition of the body is totally unimaginable and starts thinking in our mind why anyone has hated this girl to this type of extent. Bodie was her roommate and close friend she was stunned by this incident and tries to figure out the real reason behind this. She felt so sad this unimaginable incident happen to her close friend.

Twenty-three years later Bodie takes classes in the school for two weeks where her class students want to start a podcast on behalf of Thalia’s death. At that time Omar was convicted for the crime who was an athletic coach on the campus. The most interesting part of the book starts from here, where Bodie addresses the questions in her mind and wanna find who is really behind Thalia’s murder and why he has done this. Bodie recollects her friends and some pieces of evidence that police failed to question and negate at the time of the investigation. Major questioning starts from here as the story unfolds a lot of untraceable characters that are not part of the first half of the book and now they unfold all the mystery behind this shocking murder.

What is in the book for you let’s checkout:

Possibly the best book I read this year so far in the Mystery Thriller category. In our society, we saw a lot of crimes this book describes the hypocrisy, injustice, crime against females, and cross-culture-sensitive sentiments that lead to major crimes in our day-to-day life.

The topic of the book majorly revolves around femicide where they tried to share opinions on social justice and is reflected in a sensible way in the Novel. Our rating for this book is 4/5. You have to pick it up right now it is available on various online shopping platforms as well as in audiobook form on audible.com

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