Hopeless PDF/E-Book by Elsie Silver

Hopeless is the Chestnut Springs series’ fifth coming, it reignites the spark of romantic vibes, small towns age gap romance, fake engagement, forced proximity, and tortured hero. Elsie Silver’s writing and storytelling are amazing, I really loved this story and recommend it to everyone who landed on this post with a solid 4.5/5 rating. Specially Audiobook.

hopeless book pdf

Beau Eaton is the town prince, a handsome military hero with a tortured past.

I’m the outcast bartender, a shy girl from the wrong side of the tracks.

He’s thirty-five and all man, and I’m twenty-two and all… virgin.

He’s also my fiancé. Correction: my fake fiancé.

We start out as a bet. He doesn’t believe that anyone holds my last name against me. So he offers me his to prove a point.

It’s win-win. He gets a break from his concerned family’s prying, and I get a chance to shed my family’s reputation while I save up to ditch this small town.

He says all I have to do is wear his ring, follow his lead, and pretend I can’t keep my hands off of him in public.

But it’s what happens between us in private that blurs all those carefully drawn lines.

It’s what transpires behind closed doors that doesn’t feel like pretending at all.

This engagement was supposed to be for show. This agreement? It has an end date.

He once told me he’d never fall in love.

And yet here I am, head over heels for my fake fiancé.

“You don’t tell a person you love them with the expectation they’ll say it back. You tell them because you want to. You tell them because it’s true.”

“I’m done pretending to be head over heels in love with you because I’m legitimately head over heels in love with you. And acting like I’m not tears me up.”

“It bothers me that what we’re doing here can be filed away as fake when it’s the most real thing I’ve felt in my life.”

“If we’re struggling, we’re still in motion, yeah? Heading somewhere better. That’s what I keep telling myself anyway.”

“This girl has brought me back to life without even trying. All that time I searched for someone to make me feel something, and she was right fucking there.”

“Fantasy and reality, so close yet still so far apart.”

“I wish I were a cow. Wish I could find some joy in the monotony of ranch life.”

“I can see his length straining against his shorts. With his eyes covered, I casually hold my hand out to compare sizes. For science.”

Elsie Silver, Hopeless