Grady Hendrix’s new novel “How to sell a haunted house” is set to be released this month

Are you ready for some ghostly chills this month? Grady Hendrix’s new novel “How to Sell a Haunted House” is set to be released soon, and it looks like it will be full of creepy thrills and unexpected twists. Get ready to read the story of two real estate agents who team up to sell an old haunted house, and learn more about the secrets it holds!

Book Description:

Grady Hendrix How to sell a haunted house

How to sell a haunted house Overview:

Grady Hendrix’s new novel “How to sell a haunted house” is the perfect adult horror fiction thriller that has mind boggles story. Most of the time when you start reading the novel you will notice this gives you the loudest hysterical laugh when you find comedy focus lines and characters.

Most of the book is written as you find a lot of crazy, shocking moments that you can’t think is going to happen.

Amazing storytelling and the surprising story make you feel in the world of fantasy where you will find your is juggling and start running with the story and finds or solving the mysteries as you are the leading character in the book.

As many of us watch many horror movies and those movie characters are looking similar considering scary dolls that popping their eyes, squirrel nativity attacks and horrible-looking puppets staring at you.

Characters are the same likes as movies but their nature of trying to scare you is comparable to most horror scenes ad falls you into the dark world of supernatural powers that finds a way to horrify you.

The haunted house theme of the book is perfectly written to draw your attention to old memories when your grandparents recite haunted stories for your entertainment.

Book review:

Louise, the lead character is a single mother living in San Francisco where she focuses on her career. she has a little named poppy and one brother who lives in Charleston named as Mark.

She spends her childhood days in charleston. One night her brother called him to inform him about a car accident in which their parents have died. He took nearly 2 days to inform her. After hearing the news of her parents she flies to charleston (her Parent’s home).

Her mother give many performances in church for a long time with puppets, and dolls that are made by him. When she entered the house she saws 100 Puppets, and dolls stored in the house by her mother.

Louise wants to get rid of everything and start back his life in SF. After this, the major story starts that you will know by reading this book. we will not spoil your reading by mentioning a lot of spoilers. You have to jump into the book and start the journey with Louise and help him to sell her haunted house. Will you help him? Just check out the book and take a part in what drama going on there.

This book is a perfect fit if you want a perfect, time-spending horror story that lay you down in the supernatural universe. We recommend this book with full confidence that you are guaranteed to love this one.

Last words:

As a unique meditation on the existence of horror, Supernatural reality, and perception, the book is incredible. If you don’t, you’re likely to struggle. If you don’t, you won’t succeed. The book doesn’t compromise in terms of the conversational devices and themes it uses, but it would have been impossible to write the character and get into the areas it ventures if he’d dumbed down.

Buying Guide:

This book is easily available at online stores such as Amazon, abe books.

The Audiobook version of the book is available at and

The book is also available in electronic format on Kindle.

note: Book is available after 15 January 2023.

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