Go As a River PDF/E-Book by Shelley Read

Go As A River: This book is truly beautiful. It’s a story that draws you in and captures your heart within its pages, portraying the love between a young girl and a boy. The vivid descriptions pull you into the story and keep you captivated. I couldn’t put it down; it’s that compelling. Highly Recommended with a 4.5/5 🌟rating.

Description of the Book:

go as a river pdf

Go As a River Book Synopsis:

A sweeping, heart-stopping epic of a young woman’s journey to becoming, set against the harsh beauty of mid-century Colorado

On a cool autumn day in 1948, Victoria Nash delivers late-season peaches from her family’s farm set amid the wild beauty of Colorado. As she heads into her village, a disheveled stranger stops to ask her the way. How she chooses to answer will unknowingly alter the course of both their young lives.

So begins the mesmerizing story of split-second choices and courageous acts that propel Victoria away from the only home she has ever known and towards a reckoning with loss, hope and her own untapped strength.

Gathering all the pieces of her small and extraordinary existence, spinning through the eddies of desire, heartbreak and betrayal, she will arrive at a single rocky decision that will change her life forever.

Go as a River is a heart-wrenching coming-of-age story and a drama of enthralling power. Combining unforgettable characters and a breathtaking natural setting, it is a sweeping story of survival and becoming, of the deepest mysteries of love, truth and fate.

Book Quotes That We Like:

“Just as a single rainstorm can erode the banks and change the course of a river, so can a single circumstance of a girl’s life erase who she was before.”

“Strength, I had learned, was like this littered forest floor, built of small triumphs and infinite blunders, sunny hours followed by sudden storms that tore it all down. We are one and all alike if for no other reason than the excruciating and beautiful way we grow piece by unpredictable piece, falling, pushing from the debris, rising again, and hoping for the best.”

“I learned from their subtle relations… that love is a private matter, to be nurtured, and even mourned, between two beings alone. It belongs to them, and no one else, like a secret treasure, like a private poem.”

“The landscapes of our youths create us, and we carry them within us, storied by all they gave and stole, in who we become.”

“A woman is more than a vessel meant to carry babies and grief.”

“God will take a life, God will give a life, and God will make a life unrecognizable. God won’t warn you what’s coming next.”

Shelley Read, Go as a River

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