Foxglove PDF/E-Book by Adalyn Grace

I really enjoy how this author writes, and the second part of the story was just as good first one. I love all the characters, and the story keeps you interested from the very first page to the end. Even though I saw most of the plot twists coming, it didn’t spoil the excitement when they were revealed. I had doubts about who the real killer was until the very end. I’m eager for more and can’t wait to read the next book.

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Foxglove Book Synopsis:

This Barnes & Noble Exclusive Edition features an alternate jacket and a unique hardcover case and endpaper design, and includes a deleted chapter from Death’s point-of-view.

The captivating sequel to the Gothic-infused Belladonna, in which Signa and Death face a supernatural foe determined to tear them apart.

A duke has been murdered. The lord of Thorn Grove has been framed. And Fate, the elusive brother of Death, has taken up residence in a sumptuous estate nearby. He’s hellbent on revenge after Death took the life of the woman he loved many years ago…and now he’s determined to have Signa for himself, no matter the cost.

Signa and her cousin Blythe are certain that Fate can save Elijah Hawthorne from prison if they will entertain his presence. But the more time the girls spend with Fate, the more frightening their reality becomes as Signa exhibits dramatic new powers that link her to Fate’s past. With mysteries and danger around every corner, the cousins must decide if they can trust one another as they navigate their futures in high society, unravel the murders that haunt their family, and play Fate’s unexpected games—all with their destinies hanging in the balance.

Dangerous, suspenseful, and seductive, this sequel to Signa and Death’s story is as utterly romantic as it is perfectly deadly.

Book Quotes that we like:

“She didn’t care to be a sunflower, unfurling her petals in the daylight for all to see. She would rather be an adorable little mushroom, thriving in the dark crevices where few ventured to look.”

“They say that all is fair in love and war. I have built my trench and brought my rifles, and I have no intention of retreating. I will pursue you until you remember who you are. If that means I need to court you, Signa Farrow, I will. Flowers, promenades, even poetry if that’s what you want. Whatever it is you enjoy, I will learn, and eventually you’ll remember the life we once had.”

“You are mine.” The words were not possession, but a promise. “For as long as you’ll have me, you are mine, Signa Farrow. I will burn this world to cinders before I let anyone take you from me.”

“Fate was a fool is he thought that she would ever leave Death. She loved him like the winter, resolute and all-consuming.”

“Im tired of people being afraid of me. Im tired of feeling like Im not enough. No matter what I do, Im disappointing someone. But the one I truly feel most disappointed in is myself, because I hate feeling like this, Death. I thought I was done.”

“If people are afraid, then let them be afraid. Your shoulders were not meant to bear the weight of their expectations, Signa. You were not made to please others.

Adalyn Grace, Foxglove

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