Fall of Ruin and Wrath PDF/E-Book by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Fall of Ruin and Wrath; I got totally hooked on the first book of this new romantic fantasy series by JLA. It’s got magical powers, mysterious creatures, monsters, politics, survival, friendship, and betrayal.

I was so engrossed that I ended up buying the audiobook to keep the story going during my commute to work because I couldn’t stop reading and was risking being late. There were nights I stayed up way too late, telling myself “Just one more chapter.” I might not read it again, but I’m definitely getting the sequel as soon as it’s out, and I’ll listen to the audiobook again on road trips and on my way to work.

fall of ruin and wrath


Long ago, the world was destroyed by gods. Only nine cities were spared. Separated by vast wilderness teeming with monsters and unimaginable dangers, each city is now ruled by a guardian―royalty who feed on mortal pleasure.

Born with an intuition that never fails, Calista knows her talents are of great value to the power-hungry of the world, so she lives hidden as a courtesan of the Baron of Archwood. In exchange for his protection, she grants him information.

When her intuition leads her to save a traveling prince in dire trouble, the voice inside her blazes with warning―and promise. Today he’ll bring her joy. One day he’ll be her doom.

When the Baron takes an interest in the traveling prince and the prince takes an interest in Calista, she becomes the prince’s temporary companion. But the city simmers with rebellion, and with knights and monsters at her city gates and a hungry prince in her bed, intuition may not be enough to keep her safe.

Calista must follow her intuition to safety or follow her heart to her downfall.

“Few things are black-and-white, Lis. Most of life exists in that messy gray area in between, but if you wanted what was happening— you enjoyed it and so did the other— then there’s nothing wrong, she’d said. Anyone who tells you different either hasn’t been where you’ve been or they’re just living a different life. Doesn’t make either of you right or wrong.”

“It was still there, like a shadow in the back of my mind. That I should be out there. With him. Where I belonged.”

“Don’t even try to lie to me because the way your hips keep squirming will tell a very different story.”
“It’s telling the story your fingers are writing.”

“No being is so powerful that they cannot become weak. Not even a lord, a prince, or a king.”

“It was the fact that I could touch him and not see or hear anything. I could just feel. It was because I…I liked touching him. It was because it was him.”

“The most exquisite kind of pleasure is derived from bestowing it upon another.”

Jennifer L. Armentrout, Fall of Ruin and Wrath

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