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Faebound is a story focused on three characters named Yeeran, Yeeran’s sister Lettle, and her friend Rayan. These three finds themselves belong to FAE- an old species that died long ago.

Description of the book :

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Faebound Synopsis:

From the Sunday Times bestselling author of THE FINAL STRIFE, comes an enchanting new trilogy.





Yeeran is a warrior in the elven army and has known nothing but violence her whole life. Her sister, Lettle, is trying to make a living as a diviner, seeking prophecies of a better future.

When a fatal mistake leads to Yeeran’s exile from the Elven lands, they are both forced into the terrifying wilderness beyond their borders. There they encounter the impossible: the fae court.

The fae haven’t been seen for a millennium. But now Yeeran and Lettle are thrust into their seductive world – torn between their loyalty to each other, their elven homeland, and their hearts. . .

Faebound Short Summary and Review:

This fantasy book and it’s not just any fantasy—it’s also a Sapphic Fantasy. Pretty solid, I must say. But about calling it a Romantasy? Not quite feeling that, despite a sprinkle of romance.

Now, let me break it down. Three gods in charge, and they birthed three flavors: Fae, Elves, and Humans. Their motto? “All shall perish lest all three thrive.”

This book checks all the boxes I’ve been seeing a lot lately. You’ve got the freedom to choose your own gender, and explore your sexuality—especially with the Fae, where having multiple partners is totally cool. And get this, no need to raise your own kids! Animal soul bonds, drum fire, divination, and prophecies spice up the mix. Plus, there’s a never-ending Elf war, filled with political classism drama. Two tribes duking it out over resources, and they’re so used to fighting, it’s like a never-ending feud. Oh, and the best part? It’s all about sisters sticking together through thick and thin.

Now, let’s chat about the lovey-dovey stuff. The love interests didn’t quite win me over—they felt a bit rushed, not really hitting that solid vibe. I wasn’t exactly rooting for them, you know?

The book started off a blast but hit a bit of a lull in the middle, dragging things out a tad too much.

In a nutshell, this fantasy ride is a fun one, complete with a few bumps, a touch of romance, and a whole lot of magical sisterhood. It’s worth the read, just keep your eyes peeled for the obvious twists!

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