Everything we know about The Brothers Sun Season 2: News, Cast, storyline, and more

Hey, guess what just hit Netflix? The Brothers Sun! If you’re as hooked as we are, you’ve probably zipped through the whole thing and are now eagerly awaiting round two.

The brothers Sun season 1
Credits: newyorkdailynews.com and Netflix

This action-comedy serves up eight parts of Taiwanese crime family mayhem. Picture this: chaos erupts when a sneaky assassin makes a surprise entrance, and the younger brother, clueless about the family’s secrets, is forced to take the lead.

Now, the burning question: What about Eileen, Bruce, and Charles? We’ve got the scoop on everything you need to know about The Brothers Sun season two. Stay tuned for the next dose of this wild ride!

The Brothers Sun Season 1 Recap:

Here’s the scoop on the Netflix series: “When the big boss of a powerful Taiwanese gang gets shot by a sneaky assassin, his top-notch killer son, Charles “Chairleg” Sun (played by Justin Chien), jets off to Los Angeles. His mission? To shield his mom, Eileen (Michelle Yeoh), and his innocent younger brother, Bruce (Sam Song Li), who’s been living in the dark about the family’s secrets.

Now, things get wild as Taipei’s toughest gangs clash, and a new player enters the game. Charles, Bruce and their mom need to patch up old wounds, rediscover the true meaning of family, and navigate the chaos before their long list of enemies takes them down. It’s a rollercoaster of brotherhood and danger – buckle up!”

Ratings on IMDB: 8.1/10

The Brothers Sun Cast:

1.Michelle Yeoh as Eileen Sun

2. Justin Chien as Charles Sun

3. Sam Song Li as Bruce Sun

4. Highdee Kuan as Alexis

5. Joon Lee as KT

6. Alice Hewkin as June Song

The Brothers Sun season 2 Expected Storyline and Plot:

Hold on to your hats! In the final episode, Eileen, Charles, and June make their way back to Taipei, Taiwan, while Bruce decides to stick around in Los Angeles, USA. So, what’s the potential for a second season? Well, get ready to follow the Jade Dragons with Mama Sun leading the charge.

The creators, Wu and Falchuk, spill the beans that the Sun family is in for a rollercoaster as they grapple with maintaining their roles, and director Tancharoen hints at the fragility of their newfound unity.

And wait for it – there’s a post-credits scene! Big Sun’s right-hand man, Yuan, gets a visit from a mysterious figure dropping bombshell news about the police hiding Frank Ma, a key witness against other Triad family heads. Yuan finds it amusing that Frank Ma won’t be surfacing before the big criminal trial. Hold up, we’re gonna need some serious explaining for this twist! The Sun family saga is far from over! Hold Your Horses