Echo Season 1 is a new entry in the Marvel Universe. Cast, Trailer, Where to watch online, and more.

In 2024 Marvel took TV entry with a new series named Echo. There is a lot of hype about what type of show is but viewers who are real fans of the Marvel universe know who is Echo. But if you have no idea about this then we have good news for you that is this show started streaming on various online streaming platforms.

After making her debut in Hawkeye, Echo, the main character, decides to leave New York City for Oklahoma. She’s running away from Kingpin, a mob boss she used to work for but had a change of heart about. Step into the aftermath of Hawkeye’s whirlwind and dive into a new chapter with the “Echo” series. It picks up right where Hawkeye left off (catch it on Disney+ too!), focusing on Maya Lopez (played by Alaqua Cox), a remarkable superhuman with a unique twist—she’s deaf. However, her extraordinary abilities don’t shield her from trouble. The infamous Wilson Fisk, aka Kingpin (portrayed by Vincent D’Onofrio), places a hefty bounty on her head, prompting Maya to make a swift exit from the chaos of New York City.

Echo Season 1 Star Cast:

lead character Played by Alaua Cox. Check out her latest pictures:

Vincent D’OnofrioKingin
Alaqua CoxMaya Lopez
Charlie CoxMatt Murdock
K. Devery JacobsBonnie
Chaske SpencerHenry
Zahn McclamonWiliam Lopez
Cody LightingCousin Biscuits

Release Date and TV Network:

Echo Season 1 is set to be released on 9 Jan 2024 on the Disney Plus platform and also on HULU.

Echo Season 1 Trailer and number of Episodes:

Number of Episodes – 5 All are streaming on the same date and time. (6 pm)