Dream Town by Lee Goldberg Pdf/E-Book

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Dream Town is the fifth book in the Eve Ronin series focuses primarily on Hidden Hills, a private community for celebrities in L.A. When reality TV star Kitty Winslow is gunned down in her Hidden Hills home, LASD detective Eve Ronin is called in to investigate. The top suspects in the murder include a gang of Chilean refugees who have been robbing houses in the area and Kitty’s ex-boyfriend and former gang-member-turned-rap star. But nothing is what it seems in this privileged world where normal rules don’t always apply.

dream town pdf

A gated dream town for the megarich becomes a murderous nightmare in a riveting Eve Ronin thriller by #1 New York Times bestselling author Lee Goldberg. Hidden Hills is a private celebrity enclave of white picket fences and horse trails that seems to exist in a dreamworld. But when reality superstar Kitty Winslow is killed within their gates and corpses are found in the vast state park outside them, LASD detective Eve Ronin realizes there is a deadly, razor-thin line between what’s real and what’s imagined.

Eve discovers that Kitty’s surreal on- and off-camera life, a blur of fact and fantasy, shockingly mirrors her own as she struggles to investigate the killings, wade into a music industry war, and battle a vicious Chilean gang―all while her life is being turned into a fictional cop show directed by her estranged father. Eve’s grip on reality and the case is strained to the breaking point as the slayings continue, the media frenzy reaches a fever pitch, and the only inescapable truth she can see is death…and it’s coming for her.

“I can see why that would bother someone as unassuming, open-minded, and nonconfrontational as you are.”

“Back in the good old days, before gasoline topped six dollars a gallon, at least they had the decency to dump their dead out in the desert”

“Vince got up from his seat, walked over to Erin Casey, the actress playing Eve, and put his arm around her shoulder with an affection he’d never shown to the real Eve, who was his daughter. Eve felt a pang of jealousy, which surprised and angered her, because she was sure if he dared touch her like that now, she’d knee him in the groin.”



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