Don’t Forget Me Tomorrow PDF/E-Book by A.L. Jackson

Don’t Forget Me Tomorrow’s story takes you on a wonderful journey from being friends to falling in love. It’s full of beautiful moments and intense emotions that had me swooning, gasping, and falling in love right from the beginning.

I really like how A.L. Jackson writes. Her style kept me completely hooked. I couldn’t stop reading the whole story at once; it was tough to put it down. Oh my goodness! I don’t know what magic the author put into this book, but it was so difficult to stop reading. I got really into the characters and the story right from the start. I just loved Ryder and Dakota’s relationship a lot. A good read with a 4.3/5 rating.

When my best friend’s little sister walks in on me moaning her name, it’s all over. All restrains are shattered, and ever boundary demolished. Nothing will be the same. For years, I’ve tried to keep my distance from Dakota Cooper. She’s everything I’ve ever wanted and the one thing I can’t have. But when she calls me in the middle of the night after someone tries to break into her house, I can no longer handle that distance and convince her to stay with me, along with her young son. I should have known having her living under my room would push me to the edge. Ignite the need that has simmered for so long. The problem is, she’s forbidden. Off-limits. And I know better than crossing that line. I can’t drag her into the dark secrets of my life. But I can’t stay away from her either, so I do the one thing I shouldn’t-I take. And now that I’ve had her, I’m not sure I can save her from who I am…

“Guess I like you on your knees for me.” A snort left my nose. I’d been for years, and she didn’t have a clue.”

“You are playing with fire, Dakota Cooper.” “Maybe I want to burn.”

“That’s right. Dick-hunting. When one embarks into the wild jungle called dating.” “Eww,” I said again. “The visual, Paisley.” “If your response is eww, you’ve obviously been looking at the wrong ones. Caleb’s is drool worthy.”

“Loved up so right my knees were still knocking with the aftershocks? Keep it cool, Dakota. You’d think I’d never been kissed before. But the truth was, I’d never been kissed like that.”