Damaged Goods PDF/E-Book by L.J. Shen

Damaged Good is the master in the romantic genre. My head is still spinning! What I just read kept me up late, and I have a massive book hangover. For future readers, please pay attention to Shen’s message at the start of her fourth All Saints High novel. My advice? Be ready for an intense, beautiful, and emotional rollercoaster in Damaged Goods. It’s a standalone, but if you’ve read the previous books, you’ll feel a connection with other characters who stole my heart.

Underneath the goody-two-shoes persona is damaged goods…but can the bad boy across the street save her?

Bailey Followhill is the perfect daughter. Sweet. Charitable. Pretty. Control freak. Not a hair out of place, not an inch out of line, she is everything her troublemaking sister Daria isn’t. But when her A game turns out to be a lukewarm C- at Juilliard, Bailey’s picture-ready life starts fraying faster than the worn satin ribbons of her pointe shoes. She’s becoming a piece of gossip. The Troubled Child. A drug abuser. No longer the girl her best friend once knew.

Lev Cole is so golden, he’s got the Midas Touch. Prized quarterback. Football captain. Hottest guy in SoCal. A textbook cliché. But with a girlfriend he doesn’t love and a career path he doesn’t value, Lev is coasting.
The only two things he cares about, Bailey and becoming a pilot, are out of reach.

But Lev is done being satisfied with the life others have chosen for him. He wants to pick his own cards. To demolish the seamless kingdom of lies his family stitched together on the ruins his mother left behind.

The question is, can he save his best friend and his dream before too much damage is done?

“She’s gravity. She’s oxygen. In this moment in time, she’s everything.”

“Damaged goods are still goods. It’s the dents that make them special. That make them them. Survivors. Molded by their experience. Be proud of your scars, Dove. Because where you see hardship, I see opportunity. Where you see imperfections, I see growth. Where you see failure, I see effort. Where you see despair, I see hope.” He sucks in a breath. “You aren’t just good enough—sometimes you feel too good to be true.”

“Life is a journey, and no road worth taking is smooth and bumpless. Life is a borrow, not a gift,”

“Sounds like life to me. We’re bound to get hurt. Life is a journey, and no road worth taking is smooth and bumpless. Life is a borrow, not a gift, Levy. Take advantage as long as you have it.”

“Grief is like a monster. That monster is hungry. It eats whatever’s inside you. But one day you wake up…and find out that it’s full. That it is satisfied.”

“If I really am your dove, you’d let me fly away. Set me free, Lev. You have a girl who looks like me who adores you, and I can’t afford this drama in my life. You’re my sun. Lovely as you are, I can only admire you from afar.”

L.J. Shen, Damaged Goods




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