Big Nick Energy PDF/E-Book by Morgan Elizabeth

Big Nick Energy is a standalone novel, the fourth book in the Seasons of Revenge series. I give it 5 stars. If you’ve been through single life with kids, you’ll find something relatable in this story. It’s a heartwarming and touching tale that everyone can appreciate.

Description of the Book:

big nick energy pdf

Big Nick Energy Book Synopsis:

When Connor Finch insists his one-time Tinder match, Shae, comes to his dad’s house for Thanksgiving with her two daughters, it’s because he refuses to let them be alone on her first-holiday post-divorce.

But when she arrives at the Christmas tree farm and ranch he grew up on, she meets his father—the crazy tall, built, golden retriever cowboy who tells her girls all about the magic of the stupid elf on a shelf.

Of course, when she later corners him and tells him thanks a lot for nothing and that she’s way too overwhelmed to have to deal with yet another responsibility, he feels terrible.

So terrible, he finds himself driving two hours every night just to deliver an elf, move him about, and create some Christmas magic for her girls.

But what happens when he decides meeting her the way he did was some kind of Christmas miracle, and he needs to convince Shae to give him a shot?

Book Quotes That We Like:

“The last thing I want between you and me is space, sugar. Take up as much of it as you want.”

“I made it nine fucking years without having to worry about that creepy little fucker, and I was so fucking close to being free from the threat of it.”

“That life is too damn short to play it safe all of the time. That even when it scares you, love is worth it. The promise of being in love and being loved is worth the risk.”

“I most definitely have visions of you dancing in my head all night, every night.

“If anxiety is a dark venom, Nick’s touch is a golden antidote, fighting it back, assuring me I’ll be okay. That we’ll be okay.”

“It’s good for girls to have a healthy sense of delusion.”

“Taking help doesn’t mean you’re weak, you know,”

Morgan Elizabeth, Big Nick Energy

Big Nick Energy PDF/E-Book and Audiobook: