Atalanta by Jennifer Saint Short Summary and Review

From the beloved, bestselling author of Elektra and Ariadne, a reimagining of the myth of Atalanta, a fierce huntress raised by bears and the only woman in the world’s most famous band of heroes, the Argonauts, Princess, Warrior, Lover, Hero

Atalanta Book Description:

Atalanta book

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When Princess Atalanta is born, a daughter rather than the son her parents hoped for, she is left on a mountainside to die. But even then, she is a survivor. Raised by a mother bear under the protective eye of the goddess Artemis, Atalanta grows up wild and free, with just one condition: if she marries, Artemis warns, it will be her undoing.

Although she loves her beautiful forest home, Atalanta yearns for adventure. When Artemis offers her the chance to fight in her name alongside the Argonauts, the fiercest band of warriors the world has ever seen, Atalanta seizes it. The Argonauts’ quest for the Golden Fleece is filled with impossible challenges, but Atalanta proves herself equal to the men she fights alongside. As she is swept into a passionate affair, in defiance of Artemis’s warning, she begins to question the goddess’s true intentions. Can Atalanta carve out her own legendary place in a world of men, while staying true to her heart?

Full of joy, passion, and adventure, Atalanta is the story of a woman who refuses to be contained. Jennifer Saint places Atalanta in the pantheon of the greatest heroes in Greek mythology, where she belongs.

Short Summary of the Novel in Our Words:

Atalanta’s story is one of survival, adventure, and determination. Abandoned at birth because of her gender, she was left to die on a hillside, but fate had other plans for her. She was discovered by a mother bear who took her in and raised her alongside her cubs.

As Atalanta grew older, the goddess of the hunt and wilderness, Artemis, took her under her wing and welcomed her into the Arcadian wood, where she was surrounded by nymphs. Atalanta idolized Artemis and yearned to be as fearless as her.

When the opportunity to join the legendary ship Argo in pursuit of the Golden Fleece presented itself, Atalanta leaped at the chance. Her goal was to make Artemis proud. However, the goddess warned her of a prophecy that marrying would be her undoing.

On the Argo, Atalanta faced skepticism and hostility from her fellow shipmates, including Heracles and Peleus. Only Meleager showed her kindness, and the two formed a close friendship.

Despite the challenges, Atalanta persevered and proved her worth as a valuable member of the quest. Her journey was filled with danger and obstacles, but she remained steadfast in her determination to succeed.

Book Review:

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book! As a fan of Jennifer Saint’s previous work, I can confidently say that this is now my favourite book of hers. Prior to reading this book, I was not familiar with Atalanta’s story, and I appreciate the author’s efforts to draw attention to this remarkable female figure.

Atalanta’s character was portrayed as brave, resolute, and undaunted in the face of adversity. She encountered numerous challenges throughout her life and during her quest for the Golden Fleece, but she remained steadfast and determined.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in Greek mythology or those who appreciate strong female protagonists.

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